Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

The Coaching Programme is addressed to assessment students and offers support in personal development. The Mentoring Programme is designated for all students from the Bachelor's level onwards. The mentors are professionals who support students with personal questions, but especially with topics relating to career entry and working life.

The time and content of the mentoring relationship are defined together by mentee and mentor according to need. We expect at least one meeting per semester and a report of 1-3 pages at the end of each semester.

The kick-off event at the beginning of the mentoring is mandatory for mentees. The subsequent events are a voluntary offer by the programme.

We recommend participation as a mentor starting from the age of 30 years and with a distance to your own degree of at least 3 years. Thus, we can ensure that most mentors already have several years of professional expertise and life experience.

The application period for mentees is during the start week and the first two weeks of the lecture period of each fall semester. The mentoring tandems are assigned at the end of October.

Yes, you can apply twice, for example, once during the Bachelor's and then again at the Master's level. However, the first mentoring must already have been accomplished.

Yes, you can also participate in the Mentoring Programme if you are abroad in the meantime. Please make sure to discuss this situation with your mentor and clarify how you plan to stay in contact with each other during this time.

We have a very large pool of mentors. However, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be assigned to a mentor. It depends on the number of applications and the wishes and expectations of the mentors.

You have to prioritise three mentors in the preselection process. We take a lot of time for the matching. Depending on the number of applicants and the preferences of the mentors, we make the most suitable allocation possible. Sometimes we have other persons in our mentor pool who were not shown to you, but who fit very well. Make sure to approach the mentoring process with an open mind.

We expect you to decide together at the first meeting whether you want to take up the mentoring. If you want to end the exchange prematurely in the further course, please communicate transparently among yourselves and inform the programme management of the termination.


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