Mentoring process

Acceptance to the programme

  • You create your mentoring profile on our platform and formulate your ideas and expectations for the mentoring relationship.
  • We review the profiles and CVs of our applicants.
  • We assign the mentoring tandems and communicate the results.
  • The mentees get in touch with their mentors.


First meeting

  • You clarify mutual expectations as well as the form and frequency of communication.
  • You decide at or after the first meeting whether to start the mentoring.
  • For a better commitment, you can sign a written mentoring agreement.
  • If the mentoring relationship is not initiated, the programme management must be informed.


Designing the mentoring relationship

  • The content and topics are based on the individual goals and needs of the mentees as well as the possibilities and competencies of the mentors.
  • The semester meeting serves as a critical review of the progress made and as an open communication about individual challenges, structure of studies, career entry, etc.
  • The basis of the discussion is a written semester report by the mentee.
  • The semester report is a mandatory part of our programme und mentees must upload before the beginning of the following semester.


Termination of the mentoring relationship

  • The mentoring relationship officially ends after two years.
  • In a final meeting, you reflect on the past two years and discuss possible future perspectives.
  • An  early termination of the mentoring relationship is possible by decision in a joint discussion and must be communicated to the programme management.



Mentoring Programme
University of St.Gallen

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Carolin König
Head of Mentoring Programme