Sub programmes

We offer different sub programmes within the HSG Mentoring Programme.

Credit Suisse Volunteering

Employees of the Credit Suisse AG have the opportunity to mentor a HSG student within ithe Credit Suisse Volunteering Programme, thereby supporting them in their personal and professional development. As CS employees, they provide insights into the specific demands of their daily work and can record volunteering das in return.

For further questions please contact the Mentoring Team or the contact person of Credit Suisse.



Helvetia Next Step Programme

In the Helvetia Next Step Programme, HSG students are accompanied by executives from Helvetia's senior management. The mentors promote the students' personal development and provide valuable insights into the insurance industry. Helvetia offers addtional workshops, seminars and choaching sessions for networking among the participants.

Please find further information on the Helvetia website or by emailing the Helvetia contact person



NextGen Sustainability Mentoring

NextGen Sustainability Mentoring connects HSG students, current and future change-makers, with thought leaders who initiate positive transformations in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world facing sustainability-related challenges. The programme promotes transformative learning processes through different activities such as holding mentoring sessions, joining national/global events and attending skills workshops.

For more information, visit NextGen Sustainability Mentoring.  



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