ECOL Virtual Exchange

HSG Bachelor students can participate in an online course at one of the ECOL partner universities.

On this website you will find information regarding the ECOL virtual exchange programme. Please consider this to be a general summary of the information available. The information here is provided for students interested in studying at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) as degree students and also interested in the exchange opportunities at HSG. Detailed information is available in StudentWeb. You have access to StudentWeb as soon as you are immatriculated at HSG.




  • The exchange programme is a voluntary option offered by the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Applicants are not guaranteed an exchange place.
  • The application process takes place once a semester.

Application Deadline

Application deadline for a course participation in Spring semester

Application deadline for a course participation in Autumn semester

Mid November

Beginning/Mid May


Please inform yourself about the exact application periods in StudentWeb.

General application prerequisites

• Enrolled in a HSG Bachelor programme at the time of application.
• Minimum 4.00 grade average of your current Bachelor studies. The average will be rounded to two decimal points.


Requirements for beginning the exchange semester

• Enrolled in a HSG Bachelor programme with a GPA minimum of 4.0.

Selecting courses at the ECOL partner universities

In the application you may enter up to three courses of your choice and in the order of your preference. Detailed information with semester and course dates, fact sheets and experience reports are available on our StudentWeb. When making your course selections, consider the language of instruction, the local language, available fields of study etc.



The ECOL programme is for Bachelor students only.


ECOL partner universities

Italy - Bocconi University, Milan
Spain - ESADE Business School, Barcelona
Netherlands - RSM, Rotterdam
Austria - WU, Vienna
Denmark - CBS, Copenhagen
Finland - Aalto, Helsinki 

Find information in HSG StudentWeb.


Nicole Gsell

Programme Manager Asia / ECOL Virtual Exchange

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