Law students may wish to combine their master's degree in International Law, Law or Law and Economics with an internationally renowned master's degree in business administration.


The University of St.Gallen offers them the possibility to apply for the one-year CEMS Master in International Management CEMS (MIM).



THEMIS - The International Legal Network of Excellence offers Master students studying (business) law the opportunity, to spend the Autumn semester abroad at on of the THEMIS universities.

DDP with The Fletcher School

The Fletcher School is recognised worldwide as one of the top schools in international affairs.
Not only do you receive a high-quality education, but by participating in two programmes with significantly different cultural backgrounds, you will also receive excellent preparation for an international career.

3. Semester in St. Gallen, 1 Semester in Boston:
The selected students study for the first year at the University of St.Gallen and in the second year at the Fletcher School in Medford, Massachusetts. As a result of the cooperation between the two schools and the mutual recognition of course work, it is possible for participants to complete a Master of Arts at the HSG and a Master of Laws in International Law at the Fletcher School in just two years. After beginning the MIL, MLaw or MLE programme, you can apply in early October.

Admission criteria include: 

  • Academic performance
  • Motivation and extracurricular involvement
  • Proficiency in English

Factsheet Dual Degree