Career Perspectives

The University of St. Gallen has an outstanding track record in getting its graduates into gainful employment. The MIL partakes in this success. MIL graduates often pursue steep careers in the public and the private sector.

The MIL opens the door to a wide array of attractive positions, preparing students for professional careers in multinational corporations, government, diplomacy, international organizations, business consulting, NGOs, and other private and public institutions.

The MIL is designed to offer its graduates an international perspective. MIL students often aspire to an international career in a global environment, rather than to practice as a local attorney-at-law. The MIL also opens the door to further academic studies, including the PhD programme of the Law School, subject to substantive requirements and the availability of PhD supervision.

Successful international careers may depend on multiple postgraduate factors, but the MIL offers its alumnae and alumni a lasting bond. The MIL community transcends the time of graduate studies at our university, offering lifelong union, friendship, and a firm place in the University of St. Gallen network.