Career Perspectives

The MIL curriculum combines a specialized legal education with interdisciplinary training, an international perspective, and an emphasis on practical problem-solving.

With its innovative study programme, the MIL opens the door to a wide array of attractive positions, preparing graduates for professional careers in multinational corporations, government, diplomacy, international organizations, compliance and regulatory affairs, business consulting, law firms, NGOs as well as other public and private institutions. 

Given its focus on international law and interdisciplinarity, the MIL differs from standard legal programmes intended for students who, after their bar exams, will go on to work as legal practitioners, particularly as attorneys, in their national jurisdictions. 

Some law graduates, after completing their MLaw or MLE, might think about pursuing an international corporate or public-sector career in order to practice law in a global environment. They may find that the MIL is just the academic programme they are looking for as it can make an essential contribution to fulfilling their international aspirations. 

Subject to the grades achieved, the MIL degree will also enable students to enter a promising academic career as it provides access to Ph.D. programmes.