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The MIL is a novel study course combining a thorough specialist legal education with essential aspects of business and politics and a strong emphasis on practical training.

  • With its interdisciplinary perspective, the MIL seeks to attract candidates from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some MIL students will have earned their first degree in law or law and economics, others in fields such as international affairs, management, and economics. This will allow graduates to benefit from the interactions within a diverse class of academic peers. 
  • MIL students share a strong practical commitment. They have a keen interest in the fascinating interplay of law, business, and politics. In their professional careers, they will actively engage with some of the most challenging legal issues of the present day. 
  • MIL students consider an international perspective indispensable. They seek to broaden their international competencies and experience by taking full advantage of access to the University's wide range of language courses, cultural studies, and student services.

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