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The MIL combines a specialist legal education with aspects of politics and business. It has a strong practical dimension. The MIL attracts students from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some MIL students have earned their first degree in international affairs, management, or economics and now seek to hone their profile by adding a clear legal dimension. Other MIL students have taken their first degree in law or law & economics and strive for an international career that is not tied to the practice of domestic law. Interactions in classrooms benefit strongly from this diversity among students.

MIL students are often fascinated by the practical interplay of law, business, and politics. For MIL students, English is the language of their studies, work, and often private life. MIL students are frequently engaged in extra-curricular activities, both within the MIL community and outside.

MIL students benefit from the international dimension of the University of St. Gallen. They can draw on our vast network of partner universities, but also have access to the language courses, cultural studies, and students services the university offers.

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