CEMS MIM Application

The CEMS MIM allows a select group of highly qualified students to obtain a double degree at our university.

CEMS-wide selection criteria

Intellectual potential and knowledge

  • Intellectual potential
  • Academic excellence
  • Prior knowledge in the Business Field

Attitude and soft skills

  • Desire to achieve
  • Interpersonal competencies
  • Integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivation for the MIM Programme

International orientation

  • Language skills
  • International openness and cross-cultural aptitudes
Criteria for application/selection:
  • Previous academic record (min. 50 ECTS and min. HSG grade average of 4.50 at Bachelor level or Bachelor or Master degree with 4.50 min. grade average).
  • If applying with a non-HSG Bachelor degree, a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in business-related subjects must have been passed on Bachelor level.
  • English language test results (see section "English language requirements for the CEMS MIM application").

All complete application files will be evaluated and scored according to the abovementioned CEMS-wide selection criteria (focusing on: desire to achieve, social engagement, international orientation and motivation) based on the CEMS Background Information Form. Please be aware that you will need proof/confirmation of all background information. For additional clarifications, you may be contacted by phone for a short interview on the 5 or 6 November 2024. The score of the evaluation together with your Bachelor degree grade average (50% each) will determine whether you will be invited to stage three of the selection process. You will be informed by e-mail by 11 November 2024.

Applicants meeting the above requirements and having passed the pre-selection, must then participate in the assessment centre (AC) organised by CEMS Corporate Partners and the local CEMS Programme Manager. The assessment centre is held in English.

The assessment center will be conducted physically and will consists of three parts:

1. Presentation (be creative!!!)

2. Group task

3. Interview

The Corporate Partners will give their professional advice on each student's performance, taking into consideration the CEMS criteria, but do not decide to which school students may go on their term abroad. The University of St.Gallen will make the final decision on whether students will be accepted to the programme considering the results of the pre-selection and the AC as well as the criteria mentioned above.

The assessment centre will take place on 19-20 November 2024. There is no possibility to advance or postpone the AC. Due to a very tight schedule and limited availability of the CEMS Corporate Partners, we are not in a position to accommodate personal time schedules for the assessment centre. Since the time and date of the AC are given on very short notice, students are strongly requested to keep the 2 days of the AC free. The AC will last approx. 3 hours per applicant and is mandatory to attend!

If – for a particular reason – applicants would like to take the AC on a specific one of the two days, they may send a written request by e-mail to by the application deadline (24 October 2024 – 4.00pm St.Gallen time).

An online assessment center for applicants that are unable to physically attend the AC in St.Gallen will be offered on Thursday, 21 November 2024.

Valid reasons to attend the AC online are:

  • Recognised exchange semester offered by HSG Student Mobility Services (partner university or freemover exchange)
  • Internship abroad (copy of contract required)

Applicants may only attend the online AC if the travel time between their location at the time of the AC and St.Gallen is more than 6 hours by train (proof required).

The online assessment center will consist of a presentation and an extended interview.

A written request to participate in the online Assessment Center, including supporting documents, must be submitted by e-mail to by the application deadline (24 October 2024 – 4.00pm St.Gallen time). Late requests will not be considered.

You will be informed by e-mail at the latest one week after the assessment centre whether or not you passed.

Students who by successfully passing stages 1 to 3, prove to have a potential CEMS profile will be admitted to the CEMS Master's in International Management programme.

The allocation of term abroad places in the different CEMS Partner Universities will take place after the student's final acceptance to the CEMS MIM. Term abroad places will be allocated based on the following: acceptance to the CEMS MIM, prioritised list of universities in the application form, Bachelor grade average, as well as results of the pre-selection and the AC (one third each).

After the application process is completed, the CEMS MIM admission documents, including the information of the university for the term abroad, will be published in the Mobility-Online portal. Details regarding the CEMS MIM curriculum as well as maintaining enrolment status at the HSG while abroad will also be available. The host university will forward detailed information on the studies abroad (visa requirements, housing opportunities, courses, etc.) to the students concerned in due time before the semester starts.

HSG students may participate in the CEMS MIM in the first or second year of their Master level studies. Application is possible during the last year of the Bachelor level (for HSG Bachelor students only) or at Master level. Students not accepted to CEMS may apply again the following year.

The application must be submitted online through the Mobility-Online portal. More information and link on StudentWeb

Thursday, 24 October 2024 –16.00 (St. Gallen time) The online application opens on 1 October 2024 and closes on 24 October 2024 at 16.00 (St. Gallen time). The CEMS MIM online application including an original signature and all required documents must be uploaded to the Mobility-Online portal by 24 October 2024, 16.00 (St. Gallen time).

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Students must be enrolled at the HSG at the time of application.
  • Minimum 4.50 grade average in the studies (Bachelor or Master) relevant for admission to the HSG Master degree studies. The average will be rounded to
    two decimal points.
  • HSG students applying from the Bachelor level must have achieved 50 ECTS at Bachelor level up to and including spring semester 2024 (not including Assessment Year) and a minimum HSG grade average of 4.50; the average will be rounded to two decimal points.
  • Applicants with a non-HSG Bachelor's degree must show a minimum of 60 ECTS in business-related subjects completed at the Bachelor level, whereof at least 50 ECTS must be fulfilled by the end of the fall term 2024.
  • Proof of a valid English test as mentioned in the section “English language requirements for the CEMS MIM application”.
  • Students with admission conditions may take their term abroad in the 4th semester of their Master's degree studies only. However, if all admission conditions are successfully met in the 1st semester of the Master's degree studies, then a term abroad in the 3rd semester is possible. (Exception: MIA fundamentals Master courses, bookkeeping examination and forgein language requirements)
  • To participate in CEMS MIM specific Terms and Conditions apply

In order to be admitted to the selection process students must demonstrate a good knowledge of English. Therefore, one of the following certificates or tests must be provided:

  • TOEFL and TOEFL iBT Home Edition (min. 100 pts internet-based with a score of at least 20 in each section). TOEFL "MyBestScore" is not accepted.
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (grade B or higher)
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (grade C or higher)
  • IELTS (Academic Test and Indicator –band score 7 or higher)
  • BEC Higher (grade B or higher)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic - min. 68 points/score)
  • Bachelor degree fully completed in English if obtained in an English speaking country or if from a CEMS or EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution. Language of instruction must be declared on the diploma or confirmed by the university.
    Note: HSG Bachelor degree not valid because not "fully" in English.
  • CEMS Mother Tongue declaration (if English is your mother tongue)

The results (internet download) must be uploaded to the Mobility-Online portal no later than 24 October 2024, 16.00 (St. Gallen time). Be sure to plan your test early enough, as no exceptions can be made.

The test may not be more than two years old by the date of the CEMS MIM programme application deadline i.e. the test must have been taken on or after 24 October 2022. Test results from test dates on or prior to 23 October 2022 cannot be accepted. Fulfilment of the HSG Foreign Language Requirements in English is NOT sufficient for the CEMS MIM application.

  • Recent portrait photograph
  • CEMS Background Information Form* incl. previous internship / work evaluations
  • CV (max. one page) in English
  • Motivation letter (max. 1000 words) in English (will be relevant for the AC) stating your motivation and interest in the CEMS MIM programme AND answering the following three questions with a practical example:

    - International orientation: describe an experience/situation abroad that challenged or impressed you (e.g. during an internship, a project, travels, or the like)
    - Integrity: what was the greatest set-back in your life so far and how did it affect you?
    - Desire to achieve: describe an outstanding achievement and why you are proud of it.
  • University transcripts and/or degrees
  • CEMS Mother Tongue Declaration (one form per declared mother tongue)* Important: mother tongue(s) cannot be changed after the application deadline.
  • Valid English language test (see English language requirements)
  • Signed confirmation of the CEMS online application from the Mobility-Online portal*


  • University transcripts from Bachelor level (up to and including spring semester 2024) or HSG Bachelor diploma supplement with detailed grade information.


  • Original or certified copies of grade transcripts, overall grade average from degree studies relevant for admission to the HSG Master degree studies and the grading scale must be uploaded no later than the application deadline. Documents must be in one of the Swiss national languages or in English. Additionally, all original transcripts must be submitted to the CEMS Office no later than 24 October 2024 – 16.00 (St. Gallen time). The originals will be returned to you at the assessment day or can be picked up at the CEMS Office.

All documents must be uploaded to the Mobility-Online portal.
Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
* Forms can be downloaded during the online application process from the Mobility-Online portal.


Guidelines for planning the term abroad

Students are responsible for deciding which semester of their Master level studies would be best to spend abroad. The timing of the term abroad may impose certain curricular requirements.

Selecting universities for the term abroad

In the application, you must select seven CEMS Partner Universities of your choice and in the order of your preference. You may also choose both semesters of one university. An overview of CEMS Partner Universities can be found at

When making your selections, please also consider criteria such as local language, language of instruction, semester dates, course offer, cost of living, travel advisories, etc.

For further information please see the following pages:

Allocation of host universities for the term abroad

Applicants who have successfully passed the CEMS selection process are ranked according to their university grade average, their pre-selection and assessment centre results. Term abroad places are then allocated according to ranking: students with the highest ranking will be awarded their highest prioritised place first. Once a place has been allocated, it is binding. There is no guarantee that you will be allocated to one of the schools out of your prioritised list. Students not allocated a slot will be asked to login to the Mobility-Online portal again and may select additional priorities for a second allocation round. There are enough places available to allocate all selected students. A rejection of the proposed place will not entitle you to any further proposals and furthermore will be considered as a cancellation of your participation in the CEMS MIM programme (see cancellation policy).