Terms and Conditions

To participate in CEMS MIM specific Terms and Conditions apply.


  • Participation in the CEMS MIM programme is at the student's discretion and is not required for completing an HSG Master's degree.
  • Only students who successfully pass all stages of the selection process will be admitted by the HSG CEMS Office to the CEMS MIM programme.
  • The CEMS MIM can be combined with most HSG Master programmes. For students enrolled in the following programmes special application requirements apply:
    • Master in Law (MLaw), Master in International Law (MIL), the Joint Medical Master (JMM-HSG/UZH) and the Master in Computer Science (MCS): all students
    • Master in Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK) and Master in International Affairs (MIA):
      only students not holding a HSG Bachelor's degree or any other Bachelor's degree in business administration.
      Please contact the HSG CEMS Office for further information.
  • Accepted candidates may spend only one term abroad.
  • A term abroad in the first semester of your Master level studies is not possible (a semester on leave does not count as first semester).
  • When participating in a double degree programme, at least 60 ECTS of your Master level studies must be acquired at the University of St.Gallen.
  • All admission conditions must be successfully completed as stated in the HSG compensation rules for admission conditions including official notification of
    results by the time the exchange term begins.
  • Participation in the CEMS MIM programme does not incur any additional tuition fees as long as you are regularly enrolled in an HSG Master's degree programme (except for a 100 Euro student registration and handling fee invoiced directly from the CEMS Global Office in Paris).
  • Coursework completed at the host university may be credited towards HSG Master degree studies, if approved by the HSG Admissions and Crediting Office.
  • Students participating in the CEMS MIM programme will generally need at least four semesters to complete their HSG Master's degree.
  • A term abroad beginning between 1 July and 31 December is considered as an absence in the autumn semester.
  • A term abroad beginning between 1 January and 30 June is considered as an absence in the spring semester.
  • Simultaneous applications during the same selection period to more than one programme (partner university exchange, CEMS, Themis, any double degrees
    programme, Freemover and Swiss Mobility) for the same semester and academic year are not permitted.
  • Students accepted for partner university exchange or to CEMS or a double degree programme may not apply to any other of these programmes during the same selection period (autumn semester 2021).
  • Students not accepted to CEMS or a double degree programme may apply for partner university exchange, Freemover, Themis or Swiss Mobility, provided they meet the respective application deadline.
  • Students cancelling an allocated place are not permitted to apply to any other programme.

Requirements for beginning the CEMS MIM programme

  • Students must have successfully completed their Bachelor degree requirements and must be enrolled in one of the HSG Master programmes and/or the CEMS MIM by the start of the CEMS MIM programme in autumn 2022.
  • Students entering the CEMS MIM programme before receiving their Bachelor's degree results must forfeit their participation in the programme in the event of failing their degree.
  • The HSG Master's degree may not be received before the official start of the CEMS MIM programme, i.e. before October 2022.
  • All admission conditions must be successfully completed as stated in the HSG compensation rules for admission conditions including official notification of results by the time the term abroad begins. (Exception: MIA fundamentals Master courses, bookkeeping examination and forgein language requirements)

Master students not holding an HSG Bachelor’s degree

  • Students who do not have an HSG Bachelor's degree may only apply for CEMS once they are definitively registered in a Master's programme at the HSG.
  • Please also note the general application requirements and the requirements for beginning the CEMS MIM programme, in particular those regarding admission conditions and required business studies.

Special needs - students with disability or a chronic illness

 If you have a disability or a chronic illness, you may face particular challenges during the course of your studies. For your CEMS studies to be as successful as possible, a number of aspects require organisation, reflection and special requests in advance. To be able to provide you with the best possible assistance in finding a university that can support your needs, it is indispensable that you contact the HSG CEMS Office well in advance before applying for the CEMS MIM programme. If you are a student with special needs and you have applied for the SEMP scholarship by the deadline, you can apply for additional SEMP special needs funds. For more information please write an e-mail to:

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of participation in the CEMS MIM programme whether before or during the programme or as a result of failed courses (including failed or incomplete admission conditions) is subject to a cancellation fee of CHF 500.00 according to the HSG fee regulations/HSG Leagal Foundation. Please note that by withdrawing from the programme you also withdraw from your allocated place for the term abroad. The place is then forfeited and cannot be transferred to another student. Students withdrawing from the CEMS MIM programme (also during the selection process, i.e. as soon as an invitation to the assessment centre has been received) are not eligible to apply to any further exchange programmes on Master level (partner university exchange, Freemover, Swiss Mobility, Themis and double degree programmes). The cancellation policy also applies if the exchange place is cancelled due to internships, employment, military service/civil protection, holidays, admission to another university, insufficient grade average or failed/incomplete HSG academic requirements as stipulated by the exchange programme conditions.

If the term abroad cannot be taken up due to force majeure (political unrest, environmental catastrophes, long-term illness, accidents, etc.), no cancellation fee will be charged. In such cases the place will be forfeited. The University of St.Gallen will not be obliged, but will try to offer an alternative option. It is the student’s own responsibility to decide wheather to withdraw from an allocated place in a country threatened with earthquakes, war or other hazards.

Consult the travel and health advisories of the Foreign Affairs Department regarding your host country on, Travel Admin App and
(security precautions, vaccinations, etc.).