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Young people trust newspapers

Audiovisual media such as mobile phones, iPods, the internet and television are central to HSG undergraduates’ spare-time behaviour. Nonetheless, classic media such as paid-for newspapers are considered to be valuable.


16 September. The 2010 Freshman Week of the University of St.Gallen is dealing with change in the media world. In the context of this Freshman Week project, HSG student Vanessa Hitz is writing a Master’s thesis on HSG undergraduates’ media use behaviour.

First findings have been presented
The survey, which is representative with respect to the target group interviewed, consists of 748 evaluated data records and provides information about the new HSG undergraduates’ media consumption in 2010 and their assessment of media development in the coming years. Some first findings from the thesis, which will be concluded in spring 2011, have been presented in the course of Freshman Week.

40 per cent subscribe to a newspaper
According to these findings, audivisual media and online communities have a high degree of significance among young students: 93 per cent of the 19-21-year-old HSG undergraduates have a Facebook profile. Even so, classic media such as paid-for daily newspapers are regarded as valuable: 40 per cent indicated that they have access to a paid-for subscription during their studies, and more than half consider newspapers to be the most trustworthy medium.

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