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Turbo-charged net for students

HSG students are using the first symmetrical 100/100-Mbit/s fibre-optic connection provided by the St.Galler Stadtwerke and are already becoming acquainted with the internet speed of the future.

7 March 2011.
Households in Switzerland which are equipped with the new fibre-optic connection are still few and far between. At some stage, however, the new ultrafast internet connections will be standard.

New internet speed
In St. Gallen, more than 5,300 flats and business premises are intended to be linked up to the municipal fibre-optic net. One of the first private buildings that will be given the chance to use the new internet speed is the Steinacherhaus in Rosenbergstrasse 6, which is a student hostel.

Exchange of huge data volumes
No matter whether it concerns research for a term paper, a video conference or the download of extensive brochures: symmetrical download/upload speed will guarantee an exchange of huge data volumes in a fraction of the time that has been required for this so far. This is quite an important factor for students at examination times, when they have to adhere to submission deadlines or when the next oral exam is imminent. Added to this, the stability and reliability of such a net is far superior to other bandwidths.

Digital radio and TV channel selection
In parallel, the municipal fibre-optic connection guarantees that residents have access to digital infrastructural services at all times. In addition, users profit from a digital selection of radio and TV channels.

Challenge for the provider
The new connection is a challenge for the provider, particularly because net capacity use per user is higher than average in the student hostel.

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