Campus - 06.05.2011 - 00:00 

Student Union wins Mercuria Cup

The Student Union’s football team had a clear win over this year’s Mercuria Cup on the HSG’s artificial grass pitch against the professors’ team with 6:0 (4:0).


5 May 2011. With this clear victory the representatives of the Student Union, with Teresa Niederle as the only woman on the pitch, successfully avenged themselves for the thrashings they received from the professors in 2007 (10:3) and 2008 (8:1). Last year, the traditional game was not played for scheduling reasons.

Return to the large pitch

In the last few years, the match for the Mercuria Cup donated by the fraternity AV Mercuria San Gallensis always had to be played on a small pitch for personnel reasons on the part of the professors. Now, on the evening of 4 May, two complete elevens reinforced by five substitutes returned to the large pitch for the prestigious match for the first time. Nearly 100 spectators enthusiastically cheered the two teams.

Running superiority
After only a few seconds, the students were leading 1:0. By half time, they had extended this lead into a reassuring 4:0. Yet the professors, too, had some excellent scoring opportunities. Since they failed to make use of them, they were unable to score, whereas the students scored another couple of goals. The fair football evening was concluded with Bratwurst sausages and drinks. 

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