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Right at the top of the ladder?

The latest issue of our University magazine HSG Focus homes in on “career”. What does “career” mean anyway? And what should we pay attention to if we want to be “successful”?


20 February 2015. Career – the word inevitably triggers thoughts of a boss’s job at the top of a corporate hierarchy, with one’s own name on the door of the corner office on the top floor, the office with the big windows and the expensive black leather chairs, with a PA in the outer office. In a nutshell: career = professional advancement.

“Never betray your own principles”
This picture is too simple. In a video interview, sociologist Franz Schultheis explains why “career” does not necessarily have to be equated with advancement or success. He provides the starting point for our dossier, whose 13 contributions range from “Never betray your own principles” to “Look for a job you feel is fun”.

A career can be far more than climbing as far up a corporate ladder as possible. It may be the fulfilment of the dream of setting up one’s own company, never mind how small. Or devoting oneself entirely to science. And for those whose thoughts reach beyond their profession, it may quite simply mean a fulfilled life that extends to many more dimensions than only those of work.

The professional part of such a life career for which our students are preparing themselves is not only the focus of the latest issue of our digital University magazine but, as always, also that of the HSG Talents Conference, which this year will take place from 24 February to 20 March.

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