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Renewable energy for St.Gallen

To accompany the launch of the new executive education programme on Renewable Energy Management (REM-HSG), participants discussed the great acceptance of the St.Gallen Geothermics project at the ballot box.

27.01.2011 On Monday, 24 January 2011, 15 course participants from seven countries embarked on the new executive education programme on Renewable Energy Management (REM-HSG). Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen,the HSG is offering Europe’s only part-timeDiploma of Advanced Studies with a focus on the management of renewable energies this spring. “It is one of the greatest challenges of the future to be able to manage the impending change in the energy industry,” said Rolf Wüstenhagen. With this new course, the HSG brings together its internationally recognised competencies in the education of managers and attunes them to the requirements in the field of renewable energies.

Act locally, think globally
At the launch of the programme, the St.Gallen Municipal Councillor Fredy Brunner welcomed the participants and gave them an introduction into the activities of the City of St.Gallen in the field of renewable energies. He paid particular attention to the social acceptance of energy projects like St.Gallen’sgeothermics project: 82.9 per cent of the voting public endorsed the project.

Participants from start-ups and big groups
In the first run of the programme, participants will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the growth market in renewable energies in eight modules. They will work out management strategies which they will be able to implement in their companies. Participants include managers from both big groups and entrepreneurial start-ups in the fields of wind and solar energies and tidal power plants. Staff from banks and public administration are also represented.

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