Campus - 19.05.2014 - 00:00 

New HSG President's board elected

The Government of the Canton of St.Gallen has approved the election of the future leaders of the University of St.Gallen by the Senate and the University’s Board of Governors. The newly constituted President’s Board will take office on 1 February 2015.


21 May 2014. The current President's Board of the University of St.Gallen has been in office since 2011. President Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger and Vice-President Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester were re-elected for another two-year term of office. The present Vice-Presidents Prof. Dr. Vito Roberto and Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak will step down as of 31 January 2015. Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend and Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler were elected to take their place.

According to the University Statutes, the President and the Vice-Presidents of the University of St.Gallen are elected from among the (full) professors. The election takes place by the Board of Governors on application of the Senate and has to be approved by the Government. Re-elections and new elections take place every two years.

The new President's Board will take office on 1 February 2015. Its term of office will end on 31 January 2017.

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