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HSGBlatt and Annual Report 09/10

The HSGBlatt, the newspaper by and about the University of St.Gallen, and the Annual Report 2009/10 are published in time for the beginning of the Autumn Semester.


20 September 2010. The new issue of the University’s own newspaper, HSGBlatt, and the review of the past academic year, the Annual Report 2009/10, are published in time for the start of the semester.

Changing media
The lead feature in the current HSGBlatt is the topic of this year’s Freshman Week: Changing media. In the expert interview with Prof. Dr. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, the topic is developed further: Where is journalism going? What do we understand by social media journalism, and how will the media fund themselves in the future?

EQUIS reaccreditation
Further texts deal with the HSG’s EQUIS reaccreditation, the new hub in São Paulo, and the equipment of the HSG Library with RFID technology and lending machines.

Review of the past academic year
The Annual Report 2009/10 offers a review of the past academic year. Topics include the international rankings and seals of approval, the inauguration of the Center for Disability and Integration by former President Bill Clinton, and the conference of the Council of Europe at the HSG.

Investments in the future
An article entitled “An investment in the future” deals with important investments: there are plans to further improve the teacher/student ratio in the future.

Supporters can find a direct contact in the newly established Office of Development, which is also the subject of a text in the Annual Report 2009/10 of the University of St.Gallen.

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