Campus - 19.11.2014 - 00:00 

First milestone of HSG extension

St.Gallen’s Municipal Parliament has approved the sale of the Platztor property to the Canton. This is a first milestone on the way towards the future extension of the University of St.Gallen.


19 November 2014. Owing to the urgent room shortage, there are plans to extend the University of St.Gallen (HSG) by 2025. On the present site, the Library Building is intended to be enlarged and more learning places created for students. On the Platztor site, a new location is being planned for teaching and research. The Canton and the City support this strategic project since it will provide the HSG with the necessary space for its future development, take the strain off the Rotmonten quarter and enhance the eastern city centre in terms of urban planning.

Wide-ranging approval

Since the Platztor site is in the ownership of the City, it must be sold to the Canton before it can be used for university purposes. St.Gallen’s Municipal Parliament debated this ring-fenced property sale on 18 November 2014. The Municipal Parliament widely approved the sale of the municipal properties at the Platztor without any votes against it, but with a few abstentions from the Left/Green camp. With this favourable decision, the Municipal Parliament declared themselves in favour of an HSG extension at the Platztor. The HSG is delighted with the political decision and the municipal commitment to an HSG extension at the Platztor.

The next steps

The Canton will now define the extension project by the end of 2015. In autumn 2016, a dispatch based on this definition will be submitted to the Cantonal Parliament. Parliamentary proceedings will be conducted and the popular ballot be run by autumn 2017. If the citizens vote in favour of the project, the competition procedure can begin in 2018. According to the schedule, the extended university should be ready for use in 2025.

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