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Emerging markets, new opportunities

In May 2014, the digital University magazine HSG Focus will concentrate on "Emerging Markets". Emerging markets offer many new possibilities but can also be treacherous if local conditions and sensitivities are ignored.


14 May 2014. Everyone is talking about emerging markets. They are courted by western companies and politicians alike. Whereas the markets of big industrial nations such as the US, Germany and Japan are increasingly saturated, emerging markets like China, India and Brazil offer new opportunities. Hardly any internationally operating corporation wants to miss its chance. But those who fail to take the local conditions and sensitivities of a market into consideration will find that the grapes are hanging (too) high on the vine.

From China to Brazil

Our interviewees, as well as some authors, will home in on a whole number of topics surrounding the new markets on our planet from different perspectives – from China's peculiar dual bureaucracy and "Affordable Health Care Solutions for Rural India" to efforts to attract Asian firms to Eastern Switzerland, from "Opportunities in Russia's Challenging Economy" and unsatisfactory partnerships with Africa to market-entry challenges in Brazil. The topic of "Emerging Markets" entails that a great part of the contributions to our dossier will be written in English.

Win an iPad mini

In the campus part of the current issue of HSG Focus, we will present the new image film of the University of St.Gallen, among other things. Our columnist Ulrich Schmid will analyse "Consistent Humanism", whereas we honour Professor Manfred Gärtner with a text: the economist will retire at the end of this semester. Meanwhile the "lifestyle menu" has established itself in the Mensa, and in an interview, former President Ernst Mohr will speak about the impact of culture on economic behaviour. Don’t miss it: in this issue’s competition, you can win an iPad mini!

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