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Current edition of the HSGBlatt

The HSG’s SIM has been awarded fourth place in the Financial Times ManagementRanking,and further topical issues in the latestHSGBlatt. <br/><br/>


25 October 2010. The current edition of the HSGBlatt, the newspaper by and about the HSG, reports on the opening party for the newly renovated Main Building and many other topics.

HSG among the best worldwide
The newcomer of the year – the HSG’s SIM programme – attained fourth place in the Financial Times ManagementRanking. Learning in a team must be accorded particular significance, as the current study of the Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning reveals. And: the game with the unpredictability of life – a eulogy on the occasion of the retirement ofJürgManella, Professor of Management.

The identity crisis of the Swiss Armed Forces
The “weeks of decency” of the Haniel Seminars are further topics, as is the debate about the Swiss Armed Forces. The expert discussion with Marc DeVore, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at the C SET-IPW-HSG, deals with the question of the fundamental problems and the role of the Swiss Armed Forces in a national security policy.

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