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AMAG X IMO Lab: Cooperation for sustainable mobility

Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG) and the AMAG Innovation & Venture LAB will work together on the development and promotion of individual sustainable mobility. For this purpose, a three-year cooperation agreement which included the financing of a PhD position, was signed.
Universität St.Gallen und AMAG kooperieren für eine nachhaltige Mobilität
[Translate to English:] Das Institut für Mobilität (IMO-HSG) und das AMAG Innovation & Venture LAB arbeiten zukünftig gemeinsam an der Entwicklung und Förderung individueller nachhaltiger Mobilität. Hierzu wurde eine dreijährige Kooperationsvereinbarung unterzeichnet.

The Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG) of the University of St.Gallen and AMAG Group AG are deepening their long-standing collaboration. In recent years, the two partners have successfully collaborated on the design of the "Smart Mobility Management" executive training programme. The startup "Clyde", founded at the AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab, cooperates with the Future Mobility Lab operating from the Mobility Institute. Now, the two partners have agreed on a three-year cooperation with the aim of further developing solutions for individual sustainable mobility. The agreement also regulates the financing of a doctoral position at HSG by the AMAG Group.

Implementing the "Mobility as a Service" approach

The cooperation between HSG and AMAG opens up important future topics in individual sustainable mobility. The central starting point of the collaboration is the further development of "Mobility as a Service" system. In addition, topics such as electromobility and charging infrastructure, autonomous mobility solutions and smart city as well as corporate mobility concepts will be in the spectrum of research topics. By combining various services on a single platform, users are given access to the most suitable means of transport for their individual needs. These topics are intended to support individual sustainable mobility by reducing CO2 emissions in transport and promoting shared, digitally networked mobility.  

Connecting research and practice

"I am very much looking forward to further collaboration with the Institute for Mobility, and I am proud that we have now been able to bundle and thus strengthen the numerous joint initiatives in a forward-looking cooperation," says Philipp Wetzel, Managing Director at AMAG Innovation & Venture LAB. For AMAG, the cooperation with the University of St.Gallen is an important milestone in its collaboration with leading Swiss universities.

IMO-HSG also emphasizes the strategic relevance of the cooperation: “We are inspired by our exchange with AMAG. In our opinion, the close cooperation between research and practice is an essential basis for the development of innovative mobility solutions," emphasizes Dr. Philipp Scharfenberger, Vice Director of the Institute for Mobility. Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann, Director of the Institute underlines, "The establishment of the AMAG X IMO Lab is a great opportunity to join forces and contribute to the sustainable development of Switzerland as a mobility location."

Caption from left to right: Helmut Ruhl, Philipp Wetzel, Dr. Philipp Scharfenberger and Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann (Copyright: Anja Wurm Photography with AMAG Group AG)

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