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499 Bachelor’s degrees awarded

On 27 September, 499 undergraduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) at the University of St.Gallen. In his ceremonial address, President Thomas Bieger spoke about the diversity of options.


29 September 2014. A total of 499 graduates received their Bachelor’s degree certificates on the occasion of their Graduation Day:

  • 303 in Business Administration,
  • 75 in Economics,
  • 48in Law and Economics,
  • 45 in International Affairs,
  • 25 in Law.

Diversity of options: a challenge

Thomas Bieger reminded the graduates of the fact that there were options open to them: they could go into practice or opt for a Master's programme – at a variety of universities, including the HSG. Bieger illustrated today’s diversity of options with the help of an example involving olive oil. "If there are 40 brands, you have 39 options for choosing the wrong oil," said Bieger.

By way of a decision-making aid, Bieger provided the graduates with three tips. Firstly, the graduates should try to keep their intended way though life in view as a kind of orientation. Any costs and benefits arising from deviating from this course, and thus also the point in time of doing so, should be clearly weighed up. "Don’t make decisions about options too early on."

Authentic and with values

Bieger’s second tip was concerned with personal opportunity and risk assessment. Graduates should question their decisions and consider what would fit their own personalities and life story. "It's not those who become happy who've got most in the end, but those who've remained loyal and authentic towards hemselves," said Bieger.

An important element of defining one’s own way through life was constituted by values and rhythm. This led to Bieger’s third tip: "Try to define your world of values and to use it as a yardstick for your complexity reduction." Finally, Bieger resolved the decision of the olive oil purchase: research showed, he said, that people were capable of options in a structured and meaningful manner. Or as Bieger put it: "We simply ask the shop assistant which is the most frequently sold oil."

Attractive social programme

The HSG Big Band provided the musical background to the ceremony. HSG Alumni President Urs Landolf gave a welcoming address to the graduates. He encouraged the graduates to join the alumni organisation.

Graduates, their relations and guests made use of a varied social programme during the Bachelors' Graduation Day, which ranged from themed guided tours of the city to guided tours of the art works at the University and a taster lecture by Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari on "The effective leader – new challenges and strategies for the further development of executives". In the evening, HSG Alumni organised the traditional Graduation Party in St.Gallen.

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