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474 Bachelor’s degrees awarded

On 28 September 2013, on the occasion of the Bachelors’ Graduation Day, 474 undergraduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) at the University of St.Gallen. In his ceremonial address, President Thomas Bieger spoke about the challenges of leadership.


28 September 2013. A total of 474 undergraduates received their Bachelor’s degree certificates on their Graduation Day:

  • 295 in Business Administration
  • 68 in International Affairs
  • 50 in Economics
  • 34 in Law
  • 27 in Law and Economics

Diversity: a challenge
In his speech, President Thomas Bieger focused on the challenges of leadership. Many university graduates would take on executive functions in the course of their careers, he said. Besides increasing data availability, the greatest, most formative challenge of the future would be diversity. Diversity would enhance decision-making quality, particularly with regard to the consideration of different perspectives. In the case of weighty decisions, it would be useful to combine differing search and analysis grids, as well as different backgrounds of experience. "In practice, however, the inclusion of other perspectives creates great challenges," said Bieger.

Recommendations for leadership
Leadership, he continued, was concerned with people who, in an individualised, open society with value pluralism, different life plans and different cultural backgrounds, brought along different views. How should a boss behave in such an environment? Bieger shared some experience with the new graduates. "People’s actions are based on the experience they have accumulated in their lives, which is individual and merits consideration," said Bieger. If individual people's conduct was objectionable, this would have to be pointed out to them, but they would still have to be respected. Bieger further recommended that bosses should be authentic and honest, and that graduates should deliberately select staff from the perspective of diversity.

Attractive programme
The musical background to the ceremony was provided by the HSG Big Band. The welcoming address to graduates and guests was given by HSG Alumni Young Chapter Committee Member Carla Kaufmann. Graduates, families and guests made use of a varied programme during the Bachelors’ Graduation Day ranging from guided theme and art tours to taster lectures.

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