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312 Bachelor's degree awarded

On 21 March, 312 graduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts on the occasion of the Bachelors' Graduation Day at the University of St.Gallen. President Thomas Bieger provided the graduates with tips for remaining attractive in times of the second machine revolution.


23 March 2015. On the occasion of the Bachelors' Graduation Day, a total of 312 graduates were handed their degree certificates in the following majors:

  • 195 in Business Administration,
  • 48 in Economics,
  • 42 in International Affairs,
  • 17 in Law and Economics, and
  • 10 in Law.

Second machine revolution targets intellectual work

President Thomas Bieger reminded the graduates of their education. They had learned, he said, that human beings in action were never able to make optimal decisions because they make decisions on the basis of a limited amount of information. "Now, however, big data is on the way," Bieger continued and pointed to the second machine revolution, which would increasingly replace intellectual work. Thanks to unlimited computing capacities and innovative algorithms, computers were themselves able to procure data, evaluate them and identify patterns. As to who is affected by the revolution, Bieger opined: "It will challenge those who are able to conduct a middle-of-the-road activity in a middling way."

Recognise developments in good time

Attractive social programme

The musical background to the ceremony was provided by the HSG Big Band. HSG Alumni Managing Director Daniel Bargetze welcomed the graduates, encouraged them to make use of personal networks at a time of digitalisation and explained how the alumni network adapted to such changes. The graduates, their relations and guests were able to enjoy a varied social programme during the Bachelors' Graduation Day, which ranged from themed guided tours through the city and guided tours of the art works at the University to the taster lecture by Prof. Dr. Monika Bütler on "Is the world drowning in debt?" In the evening, HSG Alumni staged the traditional Graduation party in St.Gallen.

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