Fees of the HSG Library

Using the library is generally free of charge.

Fees of the HSG Library:



Obtaining documents

 Ordering via swisscovery
 Ordering via SLSP Courier CHF 6.- per medium
 Dispatch by post (Switzerland) CHF 12.- per medium
 Copies from an SLSP-Library
(incl. HSG and Speicherbibliothek)
CHF 5.- (digital)
CHF 7.50 (paper)
per 50 pages
 Obtaining documents from other libraries (inter-library loan) 
 Medium from Swiss library CHF 12.- per medium
 Medium from foreign library (except UK) CHF 24.- per medium
 Medium from UK and overseas CHF 36.- per medium
 Copies from Swiss library CHF 5.- (digital)
CHF 7.50 (paper)
per 50 pages
 Copies from foreign library CHF 8.- (digital)
CHF 10.50 (paper)
per 50 pages
 Additional Fees for Shipping Costs
 Express postal surcharge (Switzerland) CHF 16.- each delivery
 Sales of HSG doctoral theses
 Switzerland (incl. shipping costs) CHF 39.- each delivery
 Abroad (incl. shipping costs) CHF 53.- each delivery


General services

 Printing and photocopying
 A4 b/w CHF 0.10  A4 coloured CHF 0.40
 A3 b/w CHF 0.20  A3 coloured CHF 0.80
Duplex printing will be charged with twice the amount.


Overdue fines

Overdue fines for loans via HSGswisscovery
1st reminder CHF 5.- per medium
2nd reminder + CHF 5.- per medium (CHF 10.- in total)
3rd reminder + CHF 10.- per medium (CHF 20.- in total)
After the 3rd reminder without a response, the Library reserves the right to purchase the item at the user’s expense. Costs: see replacement costs
Special fines
Late return of special loans (e.g. reference copies) CHF 5.- per medium and overdue day
Opening a barred locker CHF 10.-
Forcing open a padlock CHF 10.-
Registered letter not collected CHF 6.- each letter 
Replacement costs
Damage to a medium Actual repair costs
Loss of a medium available in bookshops Actual costs
+ CHF 30.- admin fee if purchased by the library
+ any overdue fines
Loss of a medium that is out of print min. CHF 80.- admin fee
+ any overdue fines
Replacement media will be procured exclusively by the library.

Settlement of outstanding fees

At the library
Fees that appear as active in the swisscovery user account can only be paid on site - in the library where they were incurred - by means of cash or card payment.
By invoice
Invoices are sent by SLSP/swisscovery to the e-mail address specified as preferred in the edu-ID (sender This will occur between the 2nd and 15th of each month and will apply to charges that have been incurred more than 30 days in the past.

As soon as fees have been invoiced, they are visible in the swisscovery user account as transferred. These can only be paid via invoice and no longer on site.

Invoices contain charges from all institutions involved, but information about the charges is provided by the respective institutions.

If an invoice remains unpaid for 30 days, a payment reminder for the same amount is sent by e-mail. If this also remains unpaid for 30 days, users will receive a final reminder. If this reminder also remains unpaid, the library will block the user account and inform the user about the further procedure. Legal steps may be taken.

Paid, cancelled and fees that remain unpaid after the deadline are listed in the user account with the amount CHF 0.00 as "closed fees".

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