Johannes Anderegg

* 1938 in St.Gallen
President the University of St.Gallen (HSG) (1986 – 1990), Full Professor of German Language and Literature

Johannes Anderegg was born on 3 June 1938 in Küsnacht (SG). He is the son of Emil Anderegg, mayor and president of HSG’s Board of Governors (1951-1967), and Eleonora (née Ratnowski), an artist.


Education and career

After completing the cantonal grammar school in St.Gallen, Anderegg began his studies of German, English and art history in Munich in 1957. A year later he transferred to the University of Zurich, before going to Cambridge (UK) for a year in 1960. In 1964 Anderegg published his dissertation on Friedrich Schiller’s The Walk. 
Johannes Anderegg worked for some time for the Ostschweizer Radio station. He also partic-ipated as a lecturer in the HSG’s public lectures programme in 1965 and 1976. In 1966, Anderegg taught German at the Winterthur grammar school.


Professional experience abroad

Between 1967 and 1971 he was a research assistant at the University of Göttingen. In 1971, Anderegg was appointed Professor of German and Literary Studies at the University of Kassel, where he was actively involved in the development of the newly founded university. In 1972, Anderegg was appointed Dean of the Department of Language and Literature and at the same time became a member of the founding advisory board of the Gesamthochschule (a combination of a regular university and a university of applied sciences) in Kassel. In 1973, Anderegg published his habilitation thesis entitled Fiktion und Kommunikation. Ein Beitrag zur Theorie der Prosa (Fiction and communication. A contribution to the theory of prose).
In 1977, Anderegg was a visiting professor at Yale University. He was then offered a professorship in German Studies at Yale University. However, he declined this offer in favour of an offer from HSG.



Johannes Anderegg was appointed Professor of German Language and Literature at HSG in 1978. From 1982 to 1986 he served as Vice-President before being elected to be president of the University in 1986. During his four years in office, strengthening the university's "corporate identity" was of particular significance to Anderegg.
Between 1991 and 1993, as well as between 2002 and 2003, Anderegg served as Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at HSG.


Other activities

Anderegg was conferred an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich in 1996. He was involved in the revision of Luther’s Bible in the 1970s and worked on the revision of the Zurich Bible between 1988 and 1996.
Anderegg was also a visiting professor at the University of Konstanz (1980/1981), at Dartmouth College (1992), the German School Middlebury College (1994) and a second time at Yale University (2001).
Anderegg was active in various associations and societies. Among others, he was President of the Academic Society of Swiss Germanists (1984-1988) and president of the Society for Swiss Art History (1993-2002).

Johannes Anderegg was appointed Emeritus Professor in 2003.


Founded scientific institutions:

1988: Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management (I.FPM-HSG).
1988: Research Institute for Empirical Economics and Economic Policy (FEW-HSG), today Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research (SEW-HSG).
1989: Institute of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG).
1989: Institute for Business Information Systems (IWI-HSG)
1989: Institute for Business Ethics (IWE-HSG)
1989: Research Institute for International Management (FIM-HSG).

Historic events

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