Current and future Events

Workshop in Environmental Policy Evaluation, 25.-26. Januar, 2024

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers with a focus on public economics and environmental economics. We aim to provide a mix of theoretical and empirical studies that examine the instruments of public policy to address climate change and protect the environment, as well as the implications for firm. and household level decisions and overall economic performance.

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Mar Reguant, Northwestern University and CEPR.
  • Rick van der Ploeg, Oxford University and CEPR.


The workshop is supported by EAERE.


21 february 2023      

"Circular Economy" (event in German)
Marius Schlegel (Corporate Responsibility and Circular Economy, Swisscom)
Panel discussion with Marius Schlegel, Nadine Aeschlimann (oikos), Ladina Caduff (Government Affairs Director, Microsoft Switzerland) and Stefan Bühler (Professor of Applied Microeconomics).

14 march 2023

"Climate Change" (Event in English)
Prof. David Hémous (University of Zurich)
Panel discussion (in German) with Raphael Bucher (Head of Climate Policy Section, FOEN), Louis Uzor (Climate Policy Manager, Climeworks), and Christian Keuschnigg (Professor of Economics).

28 march 2023    

"Sustainable Finance" (event in English)Prof. Karl Schmedders (IMD)Panel discussion with Karl Schmedders, Fiona Frick (Unigestion CEO) and Ola Mahmoud (Assistant Professor of Quantitative Economics)Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler, Full Professor of Applied Microeconomics, University of St.Gallen
11 October 2023 Keynote Lecture I: Introducing Innovation in the Climate Debate, Prof. Philippe Aghion, College de France and London School of Economics
11 October 2023

Keynote Lecture II: Banks and Climate, Prof. Steven Ongena, University of Zürich