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The mission of CEEP is to strengthen research and teaching in the field of environmental economics and policy. The CEEP unites the work of our faculty in these areas and thus forms a platform for further development and cooperation in research and teaching.


Below you will find all events, our contributions in research and teaching on "Environmental Economics and Policy" as well as our research collaborations and researchers.


Workshop in Environmental Policy Evaluation, January 20-21, 2023

The Swiss Institute for Empirical Research in Economics at the University of St. Gallen (SEW-HSG) is organizing the first Workshop in Environmental Policy Evaluation. The workshop brings together researchers from all fields (economics, psychology, climate science) who empirically evaluate environmental policy. In particular, research papers dealing with the application and development of innovative, empirical methods and/or with behavioral aspects of environmental policy are invited. The workshop will also include poster sessions.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Hunt Allcott, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and co-editor of the Journal of Public Economics.
  • Matthew Harding, Professor at the University of California, Irvine.

Programme: Detailled programme of the Workshop

The workshop is officially supported by the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE). 




  • Bonev, P., Alacevich, C. and Söderberg, M. (2021): Pro-environmental interventions and behavioral spillovers: evidence from organic waste-sorting in Sweden, The Journal for Environmental Economics and Management, 2021, Volume 108.

  • Costello, C., Millage, K., Eisenbarth, S., Galarza, E., Ishimura, G.,  Rubino, L. L.,  Saccomanno, V., Sumaila, U. R., and Strauss, K. (2021). Ambitious subsidy reform by the WTO presents opportunities for ocean health restoration, Sustainability Science, 16: 1391–1396. [Link to paper]

  • Eisenbarth, S., Graham, L. and Rigterink, A. S. (2021). Can communal resource monitoring save the commons? Evidence on forest loss and displacement, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(29). [Pre-analysis plan] [Replication data] [Link to paper]

  • Eisenbarth, S., Graham, L. and Rigterink, A. S.  (2021). Can reminders of rules induce compliance? Experimental evidence from a common pool resource setting, Environmental and Resource Economics, 79(4):653–681.  [Pre-analysis plan] [Replication data] [Link to paper]

  • Slough, T., Rubenson, D., Levy, R., Rodriguez, F. A., Bernedo del Carpio, M., Buntaine, M., Christensen, D., Cooperman, A., Eisenbarth, S., Ferraro, P., Graham, L., Hartman, A., Kopas, J., Richey, S., Rigterink, A., Samii, C., Seim, B., Urpelainen, J., and Zhang, B. (2021). Adoption of Community Monitoring Improves Common Pool Resource Management Across Contexts, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(29). [Pre-analysis plan] [Replication data] [Link to paper]


  • Bonev, P.: Conflicts of interests in the nuclear energy industry (with Smidt, L.)

  • Bonev, P.: The econometric evaluation of environmental policies when the outcome variable is a duration variable (with Blackmann, A., Knaus, M., and Stalder, J.)

  • Bonev, P.: Behavioral Spillovers

  • Buehler, S.: The mechanics of circular business models (with Halbheer, D. and  Stalder, J.)

  • Dingwerth, K.: Differential treatment norms in international climate governance. 

  • Eisenbarth, S.: NetZeroPlus: Planting the right trees in the right places to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and creat co-benefits for recreation, biodiversity and water quality 

  • Eisenbarth, S.: BioAdd: The economics of biodiversity additionality
  • Keuschnigg, C.: Climate Change and Population Growth.

  • Stünzi, A.: Institutional Foundations of Industrialization, Financialization, and Globalization of the Swiss Economy. Evidence from 140 Years of the Commercial Registry (Link)

  • Stünzi, A.: What Explains Ambitious Climate Policy? Comparing Updated Climate Targets and Covid-19 Recovery Packages and Their Drivers (Link)


Environmental Economics (8,278,1) Master's level Prof. Petyo Bonev and Prof. Christian Keuschnigg
Climate and Income Differences (5,260,1) Master's level Prof. Timo Boppart


Our researchers regularly collaborate with scientists from other institutions. Important cooperation partners are: 

These collaborations are extremely valuable for the further development of research and teaching in the field of environmental economics and policy. Thus, we contribute significantly to strengthening the field of "Sustainability" at the HSG. 

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Researchers in the field of economics and political science are working on various issues related to environmental economics and policy.

Petyo Bonev


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Professor for Applied Microeconomics

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Klaus Dingwerth

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Professor of Political Science with special focus on the Political Theory of the Globalizing and Digital Society

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Sabrina Eisenbarth

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