About SEPS

The School of Economics and Politics (SEPS) consists of two departments: Economics and Political Science. In addition to research and teaching, both departments provide consulting services in their core subjects and ensure that knowledge is applied in practice.

Deans of SEPS

Reto Föllmi

Prof. Dr.

Dekan der SEPS, Vorsteher des volkswirtschaftlichen Departements

Dirk Lehmkuhl

Prof. PhD

Vizedekan der SEPS, Vorsteher des politikwissenschaftlichen Departements

Faculty of the School of Economics and Political Science

Dean's Office

Seraina Buob


Geschäftsführerin SEPS, Administration volkswirtschaftliches Departement

Heather Dupont de Rivaltz

Head of Events and Communication

Sebastian Plappert


Qualität Studium und Lehre, Administration Department of Political Science

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