Climate. Now (5,126) Bachelor's Level Dr. Anna Stünzi
Introduction to Environmental Economics (5,258,1) Bachelor's Level           Prof. Sabrina Eisenbarth
Climate and Income Differences (5,260,1) Master's level Prof. Timo Boppart
Global Environmental Politics (7,379,1) Master's Level Dr. Benjamin Hofmann
Verantwortung/Responsibility: Governing Finance for Tackling Climae Change (7,744,1)                                                                     Master's Level Dr. Florian Egli and 
Dr. Anna Stünzi
Environmental Economics (8,278,1) Master's level Prof. Petyo Bonev and                    Prof. Christian Keuschnigg
Globalisation and the Environment (9,266,1) Master's Level Prof. Sabrina Eisenbarth