By using the IT services of the University of St.Gallen, you agree to comply with the regulations published here.

Terms of use

To ensure that the IT infrastructure of the University of St.Gallen can be used for its intended purpose, the Senate Committee issued terms of use for the HSG IT services based on Art. 35 Para. 2 of the University Statute of 25 October 2010.

The terms of use serve to guarantee the undisturbed, economic, and secure use of these services.

By using these services (using the personal user ID or login), you accept the regulations and undertake to comply with them as well as with supplementary regulations and directives concerning the use of IT services. This also applies to indirect access (e.g., access via Internet service provider).

Data handling

The Rectorate's directive regulates the filing and processing of electronic data. It applies subject to deviating contractual agreements.

Certain types of data may also be stored and processed in non-official HSG storage locations, for example with private Amazon, Google, surveymonkey, Dropbox or Microsoft accounts. These include:

  • Data that is publicly available without restriction such as:
    • Publications and annual reports;
    • Research data under the Open Access licence;
    • Research data that is publicly accessible.

The recommendations of privatim, the Conference of Swiss Data Protection Commissioners (see, and the cantonal data protection commissioner must be observed.

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