CEMS Network

The CEMS network is the key in allowing our students and alumni to achieve the highest level of success.

CEMS Academic Members

The University of Sydney Business School
UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Dublin
WU (Vienna University of Economics & Business)
Bocconi University, Milan
Louvain School of Management
Keio University, Tokyo
Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo-FGV
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Ivey Business School, London, Ontario
Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago
Warsaw School of Economics
China (Beijing)
Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
Nova School of Business & Economics, Carcavelos
HKUST Business School, Hong Kong
Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
National University of Singapore
Czech Republic
University of Economics, Prague
ESADE Business School, Sant Cugat del Vallès
Copenhagen Business School
South Africa
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
The American University in Cairo School of Business
South Korea
Korea University Business School, Seoul
Aalto University School of Business, Espoo
Stockholm School of Economics
HEC Paris, Jouy-en-Josas
University of St. Gallen
University of Cologne
Koç University Graduate School of Business, Istanbul
Corvinus University of Budapest
United Kingdom
The London School of Economics and Political Science
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
United States of America
Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Ithaca

For more detailed information on each institution, see, and the websites of the CEMS Partner Universities.

CEMS Corporate and Social Partners

CEMS was built on the vision of creating a bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. Since its creation in 1988 CEMS has worked alongside industry representatives and academics in providing expertise, insight and vision for all aspects of programme development, implementation and support. At the outset, there were 9 CEMS Corporate Partners. Today, there are 69. The CEMS Corporate Partner community consists of a wide range of multinational companies with an excellent reputation both on a national and international level and operating in the fields of finance, industry and services and consulting. CEMS Corporate Partners are active contributors to the CEMS network interested in the development of international management education and recruitment. Social Partners have been an integral part of CEMS since late-2010 and are here to make an impact on the curriculum, the alliance and the thinking of the next generation of business leaders. Social Partners have an international scope and an interest in positively influencing business schools and students.

For a complete list of CEMS Corporate and Social Partners and for additional information on these companies, please see

CEMS Student Board

The Student Board is the voice of the CEMS students within the CEMS global alliance. The Student Board consists of one representative from each of the member schools and manages its projects, targeted at enhancing the CEMS experience for the students, by

  • gathering students' opinions about CEMS MIM and bringing recommendationsto improve the same
  • implementing and managing global projects which have a positive impact on all CEMS students
  • providing support and a communication platform to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals.

In carrying out the above, in an ethical and socially responsible way, the Student Board acts as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance. The Student Board is organised in project teams & functions and is headed by the executive team.

For more information, please contact the HSG student board representative at

CEMS Club St.Gallen

Who are we?

The CEMS Club St.Gallen is a team of dedicated CEMS students who strive to form and maintain a strong relationship between all stakeholders involved in the programme. We are fascinated by the idea of a truly international education, we cherish working in multinational teams and we highly appreciate the possibility to make friends all over the world from all over the world. Driven by this spirit, we engage current and former CEMS students to be part of the community and enrich the experience for everybody involved.

What do we do?

The CEMS Club facilitates the contact between CEMS students of the University of St.Gallen and CEMS students from our partner universities. We also build bridges to the CEMS Corporate Partners and the CEMS Alumni. We achieve this by providing various formal and informal events throughout the semester ranging from weekend trips for students to dinners with Corporate Partners.

In short, we aim at

  • facilitating an active CEMS community by representing the interests of the CEMS students of the University of St.Gallen and the CEMS incoming students
  • increasing CEMS's reputation by promoting it among students and companies
  • organising various events in order to enhance contacts between local and incoming CEMS students, CEMS Alumni, Corporate Partners and academic representatives
  • living the CEMS spirit to the fullest and experiencing a unique and unforgettable time in St. Gallen.

 If you would like to learn about CEMS from a student’s perspective, or if you have any questions, contact us:

Facebook: CEMS Club St.Gallen
Instagram: cemsclubstgallen

Each semester the CEMS Club St.Gallen welcomes motivated students to participate in its board or contribute as a teamie!

CEMS Alumni Association

There are many reasons to join the CEMS programme. One of the main advantages is the lifelong network to create and maintain friendly and professional long lasting contacts with over 15'000 CEMS Alumni worldwide.

Today, in Switzerland, we are an active community of about 790 Alumni which is small enough for personal networking and truly diverse in terms of nationalities and industry representation. We organise exciting events on a monthly basis such as conferences on current topics, lunches, after work drinks in Zurich and Geneva, cultural events (concerts/opera) and outdoor sport activities enjoying Swiss nature in summer as well as in winter time. We also interact frequently with the current CEMS students through joint social events, a mentoring program and a career panel taking place every semester to showcase life and career after the official CEMS year.

Join CEMS – and join the CEMS Alumni Association in Switzerland and worldwide!
Contact us for more information on the CEMS Alumni in Switzerland at or for more details on Alumni initiatives, check out

Your CEMS Alumni Local Chapter Board Members:

Arnie Devine (RSM 2004; HSG) Luiza Dobre (ESADE 2010; HSG) 
Vica Herstatt (UoC 2011; ESADE) Patric Niffeler (UCD 2013; HEC)
Dr. Michael Studer (HSG 2001; Bocconi) Linda König (HSG 2014; FGV)
Simon Roder (HSG 2010; USYD) Daniel Marfurt (HSG 2015; Aalto)
Lukas Colliselli (CBS 2015; Ivey) Mihaela Pisau (president) (CBS 2012; HSG)
Nadia Hanessian (Koç 2013; USYD), Local Chapter Geneva  

Testimonials from the CEMS Network

“As an Australian studying energy & environment economics in Norway, making my way to the HSG with CEMS led to so much more than I expected. Life defining, career shaping and memory making – the only way to adequately describe what CEMS really is.”
«Happily living in Switzerland for almost three years now, it’s clear that CEMS is a unique community and foundation for a truly international career which gives you access to opportunities all around the world.»

Leeor Groen
NHH and HSG CEMS Alumni, graduated in 2016
“Thanks to the very ambitious and highly motivated CEMS students the "Zurich - to go!" project resulted in intensely valuable lessons for the whole Zurich organisation.”
«Their elaborate and creative approach of combining several research methodologies to systematically challenge each individual result enabled them not only to gain new insights, but also to disprove existing misconceptions within our company regarding our customers and our products.»

Tabea Nägeli
Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
Portfoliomanager Haushalt-/Assistance-Versicherungen
“The results of the business project are fantastic and of great value for ABB.”
«Not only the ABB team that closely worked with the team was impressed by the results but various stakeholders within ABB shared the same thoughts and are eager to take the work to a deeper level.»

Miriam Jarrouj
“I can truly say (and I think I am speaking of many people) that this semester was one of the best in my life. We had an amazing group, a perfect CEMS Club, awesome support from the CEMS team and I am very grateful for the experience.”
«I am sad to leave but I guess that’s life being a CEMSie.»

Marlisa Schoppe
Incoming CEMS student, home school UCD
“The importance of strategic narratives, political economy, stakeholder theory and systems leadership is meant to push the students out of their intellectual comfort zone.”
«We try to take CEMS students beyond the technical knowledge at which they excel, and to think about the leadership dilemmas they might encounter in one or two decades should they pursue a corporate career, or even right away if they become entrepreneurs, politicians, activists or disrupters in their own right. The importance of strategic narratives, political economy, stakeholder theory and systems leadership is meant to push the students out of their intellectual comfort zone. Their presentations have left always left a great impression with the leadership team at the World Economic Forum and the executives at the companies we visit with the students.»

Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas i Klett
Director HSG Competence Center for Top Teams and lecturer of the CEMS course "Disruption and Innovation in International Business"

Sophie Kwisda, MSC

Why did you choose CEMS? Mainly to meet like-minded people from all around the world and work together in exclusive courses, skills seminars and the business project, besides having fun.
Have your expectations been met so far? 120% - My expectations have not only been met, but even exceeded. Before starting CEMS, I could not realise how valuable the international network I tapped into for my private life as well as for my career, is.
Your advice for applicants? Demonstrate your motivation for an international career as well as your care about sustainability and foreign nationalities, which is especially nowadays of utmost importance given the circumstances!

Tobias Ochsenbein, MIA

Why did you choose CEMS? My major is International Affairs, for me CEMS was the perfect combination since it focuses on international management.
Your best CEMS moment? My introduction week in Brazil. Sitting at the beach with a bunch of cool people and speaking about the challenges of social entrepreneurship – could not ask for more!
Your advice for applicants? Just do it – you can only gain: new friends, amazing experiences, international exposure, and a great time.

Testimonial von Prof. Ph.D. Joakim Wincent und Torben Antretter

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Testimonial Joakim Wincent & Torben Antretter