MBF and HSG networks

Benefit from close ties with the business world

The partners of the MBF, which include Credit Suisse Group, Fidelity International, The Boston Consulting Group, UBS and Zürcher Kantonalbank, guarantee an early contact with potential employers and support the MBF in numerous ways.

They award fellowships to the best students who start the programme and award prizes at the end of studies for the best degree and best Master's thesis.

Thanks to the industrial partners' ongoing support, the MBF is able to invite visiting professors from internationally renowned universities on a regular basis. Completing internships and cooperation with the financial industry when writing the Master's thesis is facilitated thanks to the partners of the MBF.

Connect with an international community

HSG Alumni is the official organization of former students of the University of St.Gallen. It reinforces the alumni’s lifelong bonds
with the university as well as the networks among its members, by means of numerous events and information platforms. After the successful completion of their studies, graduates have the opportunity to earn lifelong membership and join an exclusive network with more than 33,000 members organized in over 180 clubs on five continents.

You can find more information on the following website:

MBF-HSG Alumni Club

The MBF-HSG Alumni Club builds a more focused network among the HSG Alumni and provides a close and active network for MBF graduates. As a graduate of the MBF programme you will be entitled to join the MBF Alumni Club. The MBF Alumni Club was founded by the first MBF graduates in May 2006, since then, it has continuously grown and has about 1000 active members today. This exclusive
network of MBF graduates working in banking and finance or in closely related sectors has proven to be a community from which
they are all able to mutually benefit, both personally and professionally.