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Academic excellence and analytical aptitude

The MBF programme is intended for students with a strong academic background in an economics or business-related undergraduate programme.
Prospective students should possess strong analytical skills and be ambitious to solve challenging tasks related to finance.

Interest in financial markets, institutions and quantitative methods

The programme is relevant for students who are highly interested in financial markets and financial institutions and eager to learn the quantitative methods related to them. Many students aim to continue their career path in the financial industry, in consulting or in academia. The MBF curriculum is very flexible and designed to give students the opportunity to find their individual career paths.


Ambitious / Aspiring

The MBF programme is challenging and encourages as well as requires students to go the extra mile and to unleash their full potential.


Professional goals related to the financial industry, consulting or academia

On completion of the Master’s programme, our students may aim to:

• take up jobs in financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, etc.;
• work for a consulting firm;
• work as auditors in the fields of banking and insurance;
• go into the finance or strategy departments of corporations in all industries;
• pursue an academic career in finance, banking or insurance management in the context of doctoral studies (Ph.D.).


Practical skills and international orientation

We expect our students to be effective communicators who are able to explain findings from the frontline of academic research to the practical world. In the MBF programme, our graduates obtain high-quality education in both theory and application. The ideal MBF student has already completed internships in fields related to finance and can demonstrate that she or he can thrive in an international environment.

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