Specialist/Methodology courses

In addition to the specific seminars for each specialization, numerous specialist/methodology courses are also offered, which can be chosen individually.

Autumn Semester 2023

No Course Titel Lecturer Course Type Comment
10,062 Methoden des Technologiemanagements I Friedli, T. Method course  
10,202 Taxonomies and Typologies in Research Eppler, M.J. Method course  
10,420 Basics in Experimental Research de Bellis, E. & Siren, C. Method course  
10.059 Crafting and Evaluating Research Designs Murrmann, P. & Zobel, A.-K. Method course starting HS25

Please consult the current course directory for the latest information on any changes to the curriculum.


Spring Semester 2024

 No Course Titel Lecturer Course Type Comment
10,416 Institutional Organizational Theory Schelder, K. Method course  
10,421 Workshop Series in Experimental Research Tools Siren, C. Method course  
10,208 Qualitative Research Methods Blagoev, B. Method course  
10,058 A Guide to Applied Empirical Archival Research Eugster, F. & Stenzel, A. Method course  
10,060 Field and Experimental Research Methods Fehrenbacher, D. & Schegg, M. Method course  
10,053 Research Strategies & Research Design Development Back, A. Method course every two years
10,086 Using AI for Research in Organization Science He, V. & Puranam, P. Method course  

Please consult the current course directory for the latest information on any changes to the curriculum.

In addition, doctoral students can take courses from the Global School in Empirical Research Methods (GSERM), which offers a wide range of courses in quantitative and qualitative statistics.