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Royals Cup 2019

From 2-5 May 2019, the southern Netherlands are the venue for the Royals Cup, where university sports teams are competing in various disciplines. This year, 42 HSG students are taking part in the sporting competition. By student reporter Anna Kati Schreiter.

2 May 2019. Since 2015, Maastricht has been the venue for competitions between university sports teams from all over Europe. Students compete in basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, relay, football and cheerleading. This year, the HSG is represented with teams in five disciplines.

Team spirit and cultural aspects

The fact that besides sporting achievements, the focus is on team spirit and cultural aspects, shows as early as the universities’ qualification for the Cup. In contrast to tournaments in which peak performance is the decisive factor, participation of the entire university team in the Royals Cup depends on a so-called "spirit video" produced by the athletes themselves. Those who are ultimately permitted to take part in the Cup are chosen by students of Maastricht University, who organise the event on a voluntary basis

"Gladiators" in Maastricht

As in the previous year, the HSG athletes are participating in the Cup as the Unisport St.Gallen Gladiators. All in all, the students compete in handball, volleyball, hockey, relay and football – the hockey team even as the winners of last year’s Cup. However, the students are less interested in defending the title than in the fun of a sporting competition, their team spirit and having a great time.

The fact that the University of St.Gallen is represented at the Cup is primarily thanks to the organisation by university sports instructor Mirco Trachsel in support of the HSG students Tim Freisem and Tim Nasser and the entire Unisport team. In addition, a team leader has been appointed for each participating discipline in order to improve coordination and facilitate communication between the teams.

More than mere sports

A glimpse at the programme reveals that the Cup is intended to become an unforgettable experience for the participants where fun and celebrations will not be in short supply. As early as the first evening, Maastricht will welcome the students with a pub crawl, which will serve to explore the city to a certain extent and to make new friends. The latter is also a reason why participants are accommodated by students of Maastricht University during the competition.

In the morning of the first day of the tournament, an inaugural event will take place in the sports hall before the competitions start. At this event, each university will present itself to the other teams with a rehearsed choreography. On the evening of the same day, the host university will stage an exclusive opening party for all participants in the Royal Cup under this year’s motto "The Great Gatsby". After the final games and races, the participants will also be invited to celebrate their sporting achievements: the great closing party on Saturday evening will be entitled "Día de los Muertos". Traditionally, all the guests will dress up according to the party motto – and they will be able to let their imagination run riot.

The final preparations

On 1 May, all the Cup participants of the University of St.Gallen gathered in the  HSG Sports Hall for the last time in order to rehearse the choreography for the team’s performance at the launching event. The Unisport St.Gallen Gladiators aim to win in at least one discipline and to be among the top four in two further disciplines.

Anna Kati Schreiter is studying economic sciences in the second semester at the University of St.Gallen.

Image: Anna Kati Schreiter

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