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HSG Mentoring Programme: Students learn from experienced mentors who come from various backgrounds

In the mentoring programme at HSG, students engage with experienced mentors. This involves discussing professional topics, networking, as well as personal development.

Through the course of their studies, students make important decisions: Where can I or should I develop professionally? How do I connect with professionals that are important for this? What skills do I need to bring and perhaps still need to learn? HSG students can discuss these and other questions with a mentor. The voluntary mentoring programme at HSG annually brings together over 550 bachelor's and master's students, as well as doctoral candidates, with individuals from various work and life domains: Among the mentors are, for example, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, doctors, bankers, and consultants. All participants are assigned a personal mentor. "At the center of the programme is a peer-to-peer exchange of experiences," says programme director Carolin König.

"Mentoring programme has opened up opportunities"

One such mentoring pair consists of 23-year-old Daniel Rump, a student in the HSG Master of Banking and Finance programme, and 34-year-old Johanna Lienerth. She is the founder of the consulting company Minduppers, specializing in "New Work" topics. "I have had mentors in internships, and I am convinced that I can learn a lot from more experienced individuals," says Rump. "As a mentor, Johanna also brought in the perspective of an entrepreneur, which was new to me." Furthermore, he found value in his mentor's non-judgmental view of his personal situation.

Lienerth has mentored several HSG students before. "Many students today are overwhelmed by the countless options available to them. I try to convey to them, among other things, that this 'Fear of Missing Out' is somewhat normal at their age – and that they shouldn't drive themselves crazy because of it." Her role as a mentor includes showing different perspectives, discussing concrete situations together, and, if necessary, connecting mentees with professional contacts. "Indeed, I was able to benefit from Johanna's network," says Rump. The HSG mentoring programme thus opened up opportunities for him in various areas: self-reflection, conflict management, and building up a professional network.

"What I learn here is hardly covered in lectures"

Since the fall of 2022, 22-year-old Soraia Schlumpf, who is studying law with economics in her bachelor's programme at HSG, and Wolfgang Rathert, an entrepreneur and serious game designer, have been engaged in a regular mentoring exchange. "I already completed the coaching programme during my assessment year. It was enriching, and I wanted to continue the self-development made possible by it," says Schlumpf. Both programmes are a good complement to her studies, "because what I learn here is hardly covered in lectures."

The 58-year-old Rathert also notes, "At university, students primarily learn technical skills. However, in one's career, interdisciplinary skills – such as social competence or the ability for self-reflection – determine how successful and satisfied one is." For him, who graduated from HSG 30 years ago, the mentoring programme is also a good opportunity to stay in touch with the University and young people. As a mentor, he wants to help students "seek appropriate risks" and also allow them to experience failure here and there.

Workshops complement the mentoring programme

Students and their personal mentors meet at least once per semester for an in-depth conversation over the course of two years, often more frequently. The mentoring pairs independently decide how and where these conversations take place.

Throughout the year, programme participants also have access to workshops and lectures on a variety of topics related to career development. All mentors volunteer for the programme, with over 80 percent of them being HSG alumni.

Students can apply for the 2023-2025 Mentoring Programme between September 11 and October 2, 2023. Application details will be available in September. Interested mentors can also register until the beginning of September.

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