Campus - 23.12.2015 - 00:00 

Archive with historical HSG photos

The University library’s photo archive has been online since the beginning of December. As a result, interested parties regardless of their location now have the opportunity of researching thousands of digitised photos of the university dating back to the years of its foundation.


29 December 2015. 1898 marks the year in which today’s university was founded as the «Handelsakademie und Verkehrsschule St. Gallen». The historical photo inventory of the university archive depicts a very broad spectrum of university history. The earliest photos originate from the years of its foundation. Apart from photos of major events such as anniversaries or Dies academicus, there are also pictures of everyday student life, changes to buildings, the development of club life and many other motifs in the photo archive. The archive also contains numerous photos of former rectors and lecturers as well as of administrative and institute staff and the countless guests HSG has been able to welcome in the course of its history.

«With its online presence, the university archive is able to meet the noticeably growing interest in historical photos from the university’s past», the head of the university archive, Thomas Schwabach, said. The photos can be seen as previews in the database. The university archive also provides originals in larger sizes for reproduction purposes.

The photo archive of the university library is part of the online archive catalogue of the St.Gallen state archive.

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