News Bibliothek - 31.01.2022 - 07:00 

Innovation HSG Library 2021

We would like to present you a choice selection of ideas we realised last year. Thank you for your participation.

The HSG library fosters a culture of active innovation; be it internally in our team, or on our digital Wall of Ideas, where our clients too get a say. Keeping an open ear to feedback and suggestions brings us new services, helpful process optimisations, as well as valuable input about our establishment and our services every year.

In 2021 too, we had plenty on our hands with the change-over of the library system, renovations of the library building, and constant adjustments. However, this did not stop us from constantly improving many other areas. In the following we would like to present you with a selection of the almost 20 projects we realised in 2021. We warmly invite you to continue to share your feedback and suggestions with us in 2022. Through Open Innovation on our Wall of Ideas.

External monitors

Twice in a short time we have been asked about borrowing screens. Even though we could not immediately produce a screen, we discussed the issue on our internal innovation platform. We have taken this feedback on board and adjusted its implementation. And hey presto: now you can plug in your personal laptop into our PC screens.

Hybride Bildschirme

Break discs

We also like to have a look what others are doing - the wheel does not always have to be reinvented. Since spring 2021, a break disk has been used in theCO to ensure optimal utilisation of the available study space. The feedback has been very good, so we followed suit. You need a well-deserved break from studying? Sure! But set the Library break disk before you leave.


Themed exhibitions & digital collections

Innovation in three acts. First we opened with a physical media exhibition for Pride Month. A second act with an exhibition on women’s suffrage in Switzerland, which we also mirrored digitally in HSGswisscovery. For the finale, we decided to make these exhibitions a recurring occasion, lets see what we got in stock for the sequels! You can find our current exhibition here. Here to the current exhibition on "The economic history of China versus Europe".

Oxygen at Work

An input about more plants in the library on our Wall of Ideas lead to a collaboration with the HSG spin-off Oxygen at Work. Smart, efficient office plants and data analysis are used to improve air quality and thus promote health and reduce energy consumption. The studying places for master and doctoral student and the reading lounge in the information area were gifted with more greenery.

Oxygen at Work

Study Space

Our open innovation flip-chart in November has produced a variety of innovations in our infrastructure. These include additional access points for extendended WiFi stability, more plug sockets, and, currently as a trial-run, laptop mounts as part of our gadget offerings.