Break discs

You need a well-deserved break from studying? Sure! But set the Library break disk before you leave.

Study space is a rare commodity - especially during exam preparation times. To ensure that all available space is used efficiently, and studying places are not left unoccupied for long stretches, the HSG library introduces the break disc. Help us to avoid long reservations and unnecessary bottlenecks for available study space!

How does the break disk work?

When leaving the workplace, the current time is set on the break disc - analogous to the well-known parking disc. If the break exceeds 60 minutes, the space may be occupied by other users. In the first hour after opening, any space left empty after 15 minutes may already be taken.

Where can I find the Library break discs?

The break discs can be found in two rotating racks on the ground floor and on the first floor. The exact location can be found with the MediaScout. Please return the break disc after usage to these racks.

What happens if the time on the break disc is exceeded by more than 1 hour, or no break disc is set at all?

These places may be cleared and taken by other students.