Regional networks

The University of St.Gallen is part of several local and regional networks.

benevol St.Gallen

benevol St.Gallen is the specialist agency for volunteer work in the canton of St.Gallen. We support non-profit organisations and associations in their search for volunteers and are committed to the recognition and appreciation of volunteer work. The beneWohnen project is offered by benevol St.Gallen. Here, the rent for a room is paid with time. You can find current volunteer placements throughout Switzerland at


DenkRaumBodensee is an independent scientific think tank that takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to providing impulses for the sustainable development of the Lake Constance region. In addition to the University of St.Gallen, five other universities and research institutions as well as the International Association of Lake Constance Universities (IBH) are involved in DenkRaumBodensee. It is funded by the participating institutions, the Interreg V programme "Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein" and the International Lake Constance Conference.

St.Gallen-Appenzell Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

The St.Gallen-Appenzell Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) is the leading business association in Eastern Switzerland and, with a tradition stretching back over 500 years, is probably the oldest chamber of commerce in the world. As a link between the state and the economy, the IHK lobbies the cantons and the federal government for liberal and market-based framework conditions and thus promotes the national and international competitiveness of companies in Eastern Switzerland.

Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association

The Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association forms an active network and thus use synergies in an organised manner for their common benefit. Universities, researchers, teachers and students exchange knowledge and resources and use them mutually. Projects for structural development and with study and research purposes are the content of the multilateral cooperation agreements that the members conclude with each other.

IT St.Gallen rocks!

The initiative is an association of over 60 companies, 13 educational and 19 network partners and the public sector (as of the end of January 2018). Our common goal is to counteract the shortage of skilled workers with targeted measures such as the job platform and to strengthen the awareness and positioning of the ICT location, with the creation of a needs-based and future-oriented education location, an attractive working environment is created.

Cantonal Trade Association St.Gallen (KGV)

The KGV is the largest employer umbrella organisation for commercial and service businesses in the canton of St.Gallen. Around 8000 members are organised in 63 local trade associations and in the 45 affiliated trade associations. With the aim of creating a business-friendly climate for SMEs, the KGV is in constant dialogue with the government and with members of parliament. It also regularly campaigns for the interests of trade and industry in referendums and elections. The training of qualified young professionals is a central concern of the KGV.

Nordost-Heiligkreuz Neighbourhood association

The neighbourhood association Nordost-Heiligkreuz is committed to the concerns of all residents of the neighbourhoods Nordost and Langgass/Heiligkreuz. The association makes a valuable contribution to maintaining and improving the quality of life and living. The promotion and cultivation of relationships among the residents and with the many businesses and institutions that shape the neighbourhood is one of the aims of the neighbourhood association. Various activities and events are part of the programme.

Rotmonten Neighbourhood Association

The Rotmonten neighbourhood association is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life and living and the infrastructure. It promotes meeting places, events and the exchange of information in the beautiful Rotmonten neighbourhood.

REGIO Appenzell AR – St.Gallen – Lake Constance

The REGIO Appenzell AR – St.Gallen – Bodensee is an association of 47 political communities in the greater St.Gallen area. In a network with regional business and employer associations as well as partners from education, health, tourism, culture and other actors, the REGIO is committed to strengthening our living and economic region.

Rosenberg Neighbourhood Association St.Gallen

The "Rosenberg Quartierverein" was founded in 1888 as the "Rosenbergstrass-Verein". At that time, during the development of the city's southern slope, it represented the interests of the house owners in matters of traffic, street lighting, sewerage and greening. Quality of life on the Rosenberg is still our concern today. We organise events that promote getting to know each other and cohesion in the neighbourhood and represent the interests of the neighbourhood with the authorities. Our area stretches from Bahnhofplatz to Höhenweg, and from Stahl to Tigerbergstrasse. Everyone who cares about the Rosenberg is invited to our events.

Startfeld – Innovation Network in the St.Gallen Lake Constance Region

As a founding member and one of the main sponsors, the University of St.Gallen is committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Eastern Switzerland. Together with the City of St.Gallen, Empa, FHSG and St.Galler Kantonalbank, the Startfeld platform has supported over 800 companies since 2010. The Startfeld association, the Startfeld Foundation and the innovation centre on 3000m² have thus generated over CHF 40 million in investments in the region (01/2018).

St.GallenBodenseeArea (SGBA)

The St.GallenBodenseeArea is an official cooperation of the cantons of St.Gallen, Thurgau and both Appenzells. It jointly operates the international location promotion and settlement support for the third largest economic area in Switzerland, the St.GallenLake ConstanceArea (catchment area of 2 million people).

St.Gallen-Lake Constance Tourism

St.Gallen-Lake Constance Tourism contributes to the perception of the city and region as an attractive business, educational and cultural location with a high quality of life. St.Gallen-Lake Constance Tourism is committed to projects and measures that are suitable for increasing the reputation and charisma of the destination. As a tourism destination, St.Gallen-Lake Constance Tourism positions itself in the congress and seminar sector, culture and event sector as well as in excursion tourism.

Textile Land Eastern Switzerland

"Textilland Ostschweiz" is a broad-based association supported by the leading textile companies in Eastern Switzerland, the tourist destinations of Thurgau, St.Gallen and both Appenzells as well as leading hotels in the region. It develops tourism offers that make it possible to experience the textile know-how and heritage of Eastern Switzerland. features "Textilland Hotels", the "Textile Trail St.Gallen", the free app "TextileStGallen" or the "Textilland Explorer Tour".

Economy Region St.Gallen (WISG)

As a regional association with over 250 member companies, the WISG is committed to the successful development of the economic centre of St.Gallen: for the benefit of the companies and their employees, for the benefit of the members and their needs and for the benefit of the location and its influencing factors.



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