HSG hubs around the world

Within the framework of our "Hub Strategy", we are represented in key regions for the purposes of systematically and continuously developing internationalisation.

The activities concentrated in our hubs are for the

  • coordinating, liasing and supporting our relevant networks
  • development and support of specific academic programmes
  • support in attracting students and faculty members to all HSG programmes
  • development of the international labour market for HSG students
  • promoting the reputation and recognition of the HSG abroad

SGI in Singapore

The University of St.Gallen is offering Asian-related academic activities through an own subsidiary, the "St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia Pte Ltd.", in short SGI.

The SGI is concentrating on Teaching, Research and Services with a focus in Singapore and the other ASEAN countries.

Long record of academic activities in Singapore

The University of St.Gallen has a long record of academic activities and connections in Singapore. Exchange programmes between St.Gallen and Singapore are mutually beneficial. Faculty from St.Gallen visits Singapore to teach and do research. Likewise, professors from Singapore give lectures regularly in St.Gallen. Furthermore, contacts with local companies enable a variety of projects in which our students actively participate and contribute. At the same time, they offer our students opportunities to communicate with executives face to face, and to learn from their business experience. In addition, the community of HSG Alumni in Singapore is large and dynamic.

Singapore forms the heart of ASEAN countries

Singapore, widely acknowledged for its enormous success in building a prosperous nation during the last 40 years, forms the heart of ASEAN countries. Many Western, Asian, and Chinese companies and institutions have management centres in Singapore. Singapore has developed its comparative strengths in fields of banking, health care, education, research, and tourism and strives for world-class quality and innovation. Interestingly, it is often compared to Switzerland.

Anglo-Saxon business world and the dynamics of Asia

Singapore boasts an open, multi-ethnic culture, comprising both the Anglo-Saxon business world and the dynamic region of Asia. Young academics should not miss the opportunity to gain a hands-on learning experience in such a dynamic place, where American and British style meets the Asian speed of growth. For this reason, many other western universities have established contacts with institutions in Singapore, some even setting up campuses there.

GIMLA in São Paulo

Following its internationalization strategy, the University of St.Gallen has an established presence in the Latin American region since 2011. Over the years, the University has steadily increased the activities of its representation there. In 2018, the University takes a step further and inaugurates the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America (GIMLA) at the heart of Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Institute is mandated to foster and strengthen academic partnerships via bilateral and multilateral teaching agreements, research projects, and it also contributes to the formation of high quality professionals via executive education.

Committed to produce real social impact, the Institute works in close relationship with local university partners, the HSG Alumni community and the praxis. 

Overall responsibility HSG representations

Peter Lindstrom


Director Innovation & Quality

Dean International Engagement

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