Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A "tap-proof" connection to a VPN provider is the purpose of Virtual Private Networking (VPN). And it can be done from any internet access point.

Members of other Swiss universities can connect to their university via VPN and work as if they were at their home university. The terms of use and restrictions of the respective university apply.

Some restrictions apply:

  • Local network resources (network drives, network printers, ...) are not available, this setting can be changed yourself,
  • E-mails to addresses outside "" can only be sent via the server "",
  • the computer cannot be accessed from the Internet (FTP server, file sharing etc. do not work).

The HSG has activated the following Internet services for VPN:

  • Web via web browser (incl. SSL)
  • E-mail (incl. SSL)
  • Library access
  • File transfer (ftp)
  • UseNet (newsgroups)
  • SSH
  • SAP

Please note the following technical information:

Preferably use the Cisco Secure Client for your VPN connection.

  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux: please use this downloadlink
  • iPad, iPhone: please obtain Cisco Secure Client free of charge in the AppStore,
  • Samsung-Android: please obtain the software free of charge in Google Play.

Connections via the PPTP protocol are not possible.