Teaching in a complex reality

8,553 students were studying at the University of St.Gallen, 35 per cent are women. Find out more about figures about «Teaching in a complex reality».

Student statistics

  • Increase from 7,666 students in 2013 to 8,553 in Autumn Semester 2017.
  • 45 per cent of students at the Master’s Level have their first degree from another university.
  • Every 3rd economics student in Switzerland is enrolled at the HSG.
  • The proportion of foreign students has been limited to a Maximum of 25 per cent.

Percentage of women

  • The proportion of women at the HSG continues to grow.
  • In Autumn Semester 2017, 35 per cent women were studying.

Students by Ethnicity

Bachelor of Arts degrees according to majors

Master of Arts degrees according to programmes

Doctor's degrees according to majors

Number of participants further education (Executive School)

  • Every year over 6,000 students benefit from our versatile and professional executive education programmes.