Mittelbau (non-tenured faculty)

Mittelbau? – It’s one of these German notions that do not come with an obvious English equivalent. This ‘intermediate’ body includes the University’s academic staff except for full and associate professors. Its members are teaching and research assistants, post-docs, assistant professors, tenured senior lecturers, and external lecturers. Taken together, they form the colourful body called Mittelbau. 

Who we are

The Mittelbau is anything but a homogeneous group. Amongst its 1,500 members, you will find younger as well as more senior colleagues serving in various positions: 

  • approximately 550 assistants (Assistierende) who hold a Master's degree or other academic diploma, but not a doctorat;
  • roughly 200 assistant professors and researchers with a doctorate degree (post docs);
  • approximately 40 senior lecturers (Ständige Dozierende), many of whom are tenured and most of whom come with Habilitation or post-doctoral equivalent;
  • some 750 external lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte).

The Mittelbau’s obligations, its rights and responsibilities are listed in the University’s basic legal foundation (Universitätsgesetz) and its statute (Universitätsstatut).

More information as well as all representatives can be found on the intranet (link below).

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