Committed to ensuring work-life compatibility, the University of St.Gallen supports staff and students who are challenged by family or social commitments.

Breastfeeding room on campus

To support parents in balancing their studies, professional and private lives, HSG provides six breastfeeding rooms on campus. Each room is equipped with a nursing chair, nursing pillow, water, a kettle, cups and breastfeeding tea, a refrigerator, and changing pads.


  • Main Building, Room 01–108
  • Library building, room 09–015
  • ZIG, Dufourstrasse 40a, room 24–101
  • Sports hall, room 10–014
  • Müller-Friedbergstrasse 6/8, room 52–5008
  • Tellstrasse 2, room 58–024
  • WBZ, Holzstrasse 15
  • St. Jakobstrasse 21, room 62–129
  • Rosenbergstrasse 30, room 61–062

Breastfeeding Regulations

At HSG, parents are entitled to breastfeeding periods. Depending on your child’s needs, you may nurse it on demand or at regular, set intervals. Staff may decide whether they spend (remunerated) breastfeeding periods at or outside their workplace. In addition, breastfeeding mothers may not perform hazardous or arduous taks.

Breastfeeding periods are defined by daily workloads:

  • Less than 4 hours = 30 minutes of breastfeeding per day
  • More than 4 hours = 60 minutes of breastfeeding per day
  • More than 7 hours = 90 minutes of breastfeeding per day

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Mothers are entitled to sixteen weeks of paid maternity leave (Employee Regulations, Art. 50)

A child’s father or a mother’s wife or registered partner are entitled to ten days of leave within six months of the child’s birth. In the case of multiple births, fathers are granted 15 days of leave (Employee Regulations, Art. 66a). The father or wife or registered partner may take all or half of their 13th month’s salary as paid leave within one year after the birth of a child (Employee Regulations, Art. 97, Para. 2)

Staff who adopt a child are entitled to two weeks of leave if the adopted child is younger than four years. Adoptive parents may choose who takes the statutory period of leave or may divide that leave between both parents (as of 1 January 2023).

Family-Related Reduced Teaching Loads

Teaching staff are entitled to reduced workloads for family reasons.Mothers with newborns are entitled to being released from their teaching duties for one semester (in accordance with their teaching load). Fathers are entitled to a reduction of two hours of teaching per week (based on full-time position). In justified cases, the University President may further reduce a teaching load for family reasons by max. 50% (Teaching Load Regulations, Art. 22).

Teaching Load Regulations

Childcare Support

HSG supports parents in reconciling their childcare obligations and professional goals in the best possible way. HSG has service contracts with the Löwenzahn daycare centre (subsidized places) and the Fiorino Triangel daycare centre (priority allocation).

Link Fiorino Triangel

Link Löwenzahn

Schools, kindergartens, day nurseries and daycare centres in St. Gallen.


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