Degree courses

The SoM offers a high quality academic curriculum at all levels of the HSG.

Assessment and Bachelor's Level

The assessment year introduces you to various disciplines and familiarises you with the aims and expectations of the University of St.Gallen. SoM offers courses during the assessment year and a bachelor's degree course in business administration.


Master's Level

The SoM offers several master's degree courses. Due to their different focuses, a broad spectrum is covered.

Supplementary degrees

Ph.D. Level

In the doctoral programme in Business Administration (PhD in Management, PMA), you can choose from four specialization areas: Accounting, Business Innovation, General Management, Marketing


Habilitation Regulations of the University of St.Gallen (as of 1 April 2019; in German)
Implementary Regulations of the Habilitation Regulations SoM (in German)

The former St.Gallen journal ranking list was abolished by decision of the Departmental Committee of the BWA (today: SoM Committee). Current procedures that were initiated prior to this change are subject to the protection of confidence. These procedures are continued with the list as it existed before.

Reference List:
VHB-Ranking: VHB-Ranking Business Research Journals
WU Wien: WU Journal Rating
Harzing: Journal Quality List

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