- 09.05.2023 - 09:21 

School of Computer Science holds inaugural School Conference

This week the School of Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen successfully organized its first-ever School Conference, marking a significant milestone in the history of the School. The event, which featured insightful presentations and engaging activities, provided a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among attendees.

The School Conference commenced with an informative input session by Dean Prof. Dr. Barbara Weber and Executive Director, Dr. Jochen Müller. Their presentation shed light on the establishment of the School of Computer Science and outlined the exciting future activities planned within the department. Attendees gained valuable insights into the School's origins, its vision, and its strategic direction for the upcoming years.

Following the inspiring input by the Dean and Executive Director, the conference programme continued with a series of dynamic one-minute elevator talks delivered by the talented PhD and postdoctoral researchers of the School. In these concise presentations, the researchers captivated the audience with glimpses of their ground-breaking projects and research findings.

The conference further provided a platform for researchers to exhibit their work through a poster vernissage. Attendees had the opportunity to explore around 25 posters that showcased the diverse research projects undertaken within the School of Computer Science. The poster vernissage encouraged deeper discussions and enabled participants to delve into specific areas of interest, fostering collaborations and inspiring new ideas.

To conclude the event on a celebratory note, an apéro riche was organized, allowing attendees to network and establish connections in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. This social gathering provided a valuable opportunity for participants to interact with fellow researchers, faculty members, and School administration, further enriching the collaborative spirit of the School Conference.

The successful execution of the inaugural School Conference at the University of St.Gallen's School of Computer Science highlighted the school's commitment to fostering academic excellence and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. The event's informative input session, engaging elevator talks, poster vernissage, and networking opportunities set a precedent for future editions of the conference, establishing it as a key annual event for the school.