- 10.10.2023 - 14:00 

Computer Science Students Shine in StartWeek Polarization Case Study

For the second year in a row, a team from the Computer Science department at the University of St.Gallen has won the Audience Award for the most popular solution in the StartWeek case study. Additionally, they were awarded the highly competitive Grand Prix for the best solution by the jury. A total success!

During StartWeek, new students of the University of St.Gallen were introduced to university life and work by their tutors. This included groups 42 and 43—the Computer Science groups. During these weeks, students worked on a case study on the topic of polarization. The goal was to develop an effective approach to depolarization.

While both Computer Science groups came up with thoughtful solutions, the "Future Harmony Foundation" from Group 43 clearly impressed both the pre-jury and the main jury, as well as the audience. The fact that it is an independent organization (motivated neither politically nor financially) has been particularly positively received.

Under the guidance of the tutor duo Lynn and Nicolas, the students demonstrated their affiliation with HSG and showcased their ideal qualifications for computer science. They proved their ability for interdisciplinary thinking and effective collaboration. Throughout this week, they learned how to think and work as a group, a skill that will be of great significance in the further course of their studies.

Q: "Nicolas, this isn't the first time you've been part of the winning team during StartWeek. This time, it was as a tutor. We hear you've won four prizes already. What's your secret recipe?"

Nicolas: "I believe the most important thing isn't the prize you win, but how you spend your week. So, it's about the people you meet, the friendships you form, and the memories you create."

Fun and the sense of community are central; not only for a fantastic first week at university but also for achieving success.

Q: "Lynn, what was the most enjoyable part of working with the new students for you? Did anything surprise you?" Lynn: "The most impressive experience was when we won the prize in the Olmahalle in St.Gallen. But overall, it was great to meet so many new people. It was a fantastic week. I had fun showing the new students around the university. Plus, I already know the latest cohort because of it. I would definitely recommend helping out as a tutor during StartWeek."

And how did the students experience this week? Was it challenging for them to come up with a better solution than the other approximately 70 groups? Adrien shares a similar perspective with his tutor team: "Our goal wasn't to be better than the other 70 groups but simply to enjoy StartWeek together as a team and approach the case study in our own way. Winning both prizes was a pleasant surprise and made us very happy!"

As the School of Computer Science, we are naturally delighted by this as well. It's the second consecutive time that a Computer Science group has won the Audience Award. We inquired about what sets the computer science groups apart.

Max explains: "I think the approach to the case study in the computer science groups was much more technical compared to the other groups. This allowed us to leverage our strengths in both the video and solution design. We also brought new ideas and insights to the pitch. In the end, we conveyed it all effectively. Enthusiasm and a bit of humor certainly didn't hurt either."

The School of Computer Science congratulates Group 43 on their great success and wishes all students a continued smooth start to the autumn semester.