DM2 double degree

Complement your HSG Master's degree with a second Master's degree from a DM2 partner university and delve deeper into your field of study or widen your knowledge in another area.

The DM2 double degree is possible for many HSG Master's degrees. Please see the overview below to learn which HSG Degree are possible with which DM2 partner universities.

HSG Master's Programme DM2 Partner Universities
  ESADE - Spain HEC - Paris RSM - Rotterdam Bocconi - Milan
MBI X X  X  
MiMM X X  X  
MACFin  X  X  X  X
MBF  X  X  X  X
SIM  X  X  X  
MGM  X  X  X  
MEcon  X  X  X  
MiQE/F  X  X  X  X


DM2 with ESADE

At ESADE the following Master's programmes are available for a double degree:

  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • International Management
  • Marketing Management

Please note the following restrictions:

  • No prior application to ESADE.
  • Spanish nationals may not apply

DM2 with HEC

At HEC the following Master's programmes are available for a double degree:

  • Digital Business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Economics & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Sustainability & Social Innovation

Please note the following restrictions:

  • No prior application to HEC.
  • French nationals may not apply.
  • Applicants must have completed their BA at HSG.

DM2 with RSM

At RSM the following Master's programmes are available for a double degree:

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Business Analytics & Management
  • Business Information Management
  • Finance & Investments
  • Global Business & Sustainability
  • Management of Innovation
  • Marketing Management
  • Medical Business & Innovation
  • People, Organisations & Change
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Students with a BA from a University of Applied Sciences may not select RSM for a double degree.
  • No prior application to RSM.

DM2 with Bocconi

At Bocconi the following Master's programme are available for a double degree:

For MBF and MACFin

  • International Management


  • Accounting, Finance & Control

Please note the following restrictions:

  • No prior application to Bocconi.
  • Applicants may not have completed their Bachelor's degree in Italy.

Course requirements

During the first two semesters before going abroad, students complete a required number of credits in their HSG Master: all compulsory courses and core electives as well as a portion of Contextual Studies, usually about 51 – 60 ECTS. In the following year at the partner university students will complete the host university degree requirements as set out by the host university. The number and scope of courses will vary.

Credit transfer

Depending on the HSG MA and the host university attended, a number of credits from the host university MA (usually 12 - 21 ECTS) will be credited to the HSG MA. Recognition of HSG MA credits to the host university MA programme varies according to the host university’s policy.


A Master thesis is required for the HSG MA and, in most cases, also at the partner university. Generally, it is possible for students to submit the same or similar thesis at both the home and host institution, where it will be assessed independently according to the respective university’s requirements and credit value.

Graduation & degrees awarded

After completing requirements at the respective university, students will graduate from each university and will earn two full Master's degrees, one from each university.


Students in the double degree spend two semesters in St.Gallen and the following year at the partner university.


Students in the double degree pay tuition fees only at the University of St.Gallen. The host university may have other study-related fees (exam fees, study trips, graduation fees, etc.) that the student is responsible for but no tuition fees are paid at the host university.
Students accepted to partner universities in Europe are eligible to apply for a SEMP scholarship.

To apply for a double degree, students must already be enrolled in a HSG Master and taking courses in their degree programme. Application to the double degree takes place in October of the autumn semester, usually the first semester of the HSG Master.

Application period DM2-FGV-SSE double degrees:

2024/25: 29 September - 12 October 2023 until 16:00 (local St.Gallen time)

Basic application requirements:

Following a first evaluation of applicants, selected candidates will be invited for an interview.
Students not accepted to the double degree will be able to apply for other exchange programmes given that they meet the respective deadlines.

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