CUSO: Swiss Graduate Programme in Anthropology

The Swiss Graduate Program Anthropology is organised as a cooperative project by the Universities in Switzerland with programs in Social/Cultural Anthropology, éthnologie, Ethnologie). The partner universities independently organise topical modules to which renowned scholars from abroad are invited to inspire and comment on the work and contributions of Swiss doctoral students.

CUSO and the DOK

Starting with 2024 DOK students can attend CUSO Graduate Programme Modules within the Swiss Graduate Programme in Anthropology. The Modules are taking place at different Swiss Universities (travel and participation costs covered) and can be acredited as a DOK elective course (see below). The Modules are announced each November for the following year and you can register online.  By registering for the Swiss Graduate Programme in Anthropology, you also have the possibility to register for Modules organised by other CUSO Doctoral Programmes.

If you consider using this prime opportunity to enhace your PhD process and build long-term academic networks in Switzerland and beyond, you can fill in the registration form and find more detailled info at the following links:

For further info, please contact: Prof. Dr. Jelena Tosic (